The Matador Pocket Blanket: So Very Handy

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pocket_blanketYou won’t realise just how essential this item is until you own one. Then, you’ll wonder how on earth you managed without it. This thin but sturdy and waterproof blanket folds up into its own pouch and takes up such a tiny amount of space that it’s an essential to keep in your purse, bag or glove compartment.

When will you use this simple but genius product?

  • On the beach. It takes up hardly no space in your beach bag and is completely waterproof – no more sitting on sandy soggy towels!
  • In the park or at the countryside. Have you ever been out walking and wanted to sit for a while to enjoy the scenery or read your book? And have you ever been thwarted because of wet grass or because you’re not too sure about the hygiene of the ground?
  • It’s great for picnics, planned or impromptu.  If you’re eating on the go, pull the car over and sit for a while instead of munching in a traffic jam. If you usually eat lunch at your desk, head to the nearest park with your Matador blanket instead and get some soothing and healthy fresh air – it will recharge your batteries
  • It’s perfect for festivals and open air concerts
  • pocket_blanket_2It makes an excellent, lightweight and hygienic place to change the baby. And instead of letting young children sit on the grass where dogs have been (or rather, where dogs have ‘been‘) just whip out this handy blanket and create a safe and clean haven for them
  • When watching outdoor sports
  • Use it for yoga, meditation or simply sitting watching a sunset
  • I have used this to sit on our deck. The wooden deck is an old one and I don’t want to risk having splinters in a delicate part of my anatomy!
  • If you have an emergency kit, and as time goes by I increasingly think that everyone should have one, add the Matador. It’s a protective waterproof sheet that can be used as an impromptu sun shade, rain covering and more

pocket_blanket_3I’m sure you’ll find dozens of other uses too. My neighbour uses his when he’s kneeling on the ground detailing his car! I heard too of someone who had read a rather worrying report about the lack of hygiene on aircraft seats (I won’t scare you with the details but they’re not nice) and he said that the Matador pocket blanket covers the seat and armrests and gives him peace of mind.

Another user mentioned how it can be used as a rain ‘garment’ if you’re caught in a sudden shower without a raincoat or umbrella.

Other benefits of the Matador Pocket Blanket

The blanket was designed carefully with the outdoors and your convenience in mind. Here are a few things I particularly love about it:

  • Can it really be folded into a pouch the size of a cigarette packet? Yes, and easily. Incorporated into the design is a folding guide. Easy
  • The Matador has weights on each corner. This helps it to stay in place when there’s a breeze. The weights are kept to a certain level to ensure that the Matador is lightweight so it won’t stay in place in a gale, but it’s a great advantage on the beach or in the countryside
  • One side is completely  waterproof. That’s the side you place on the ground. The other side is ‘skin-friendly

See details and user reviews on Amazon

And check out the video below.

This makes a tremendous gift for the ‘adventurers’ in your life. Country lovers or urban dwellers, everyone will find many uses for the Matador pocket blanket.

Note: Although this is referred to as a blanket, the Matador does not provide warmth in the way a traditional blanket  would. If this is a concern for you, add a traditional blanket to your emergency kit.



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Author: Jackie Jackson

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