Make Everyone Laugh with the “I Pooped Today” T-Shirt

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The I Pooped Today Shirt is Hysterical.

My husband and I have fun senses of humor. In fact, we often like to surprise each other with funny, and sometimes outrageous gag gifts. While my husband is usually better at this than I am, I was able to get him with this hilarious t-shirt. Although I am not usually into bathroom humor, I did get a kick out of watching his face as he read the t-shirt for the very first time. The t-shirt continued to make me laugh every time the hubby wore the t-shirt around the house; however, when he started wearing the bathroom announcement shirt in public, I didn’t enjoy it quite as much.


The Tables Turned

To get me back, my husband decided to wear his “I Pooped Today” t-shirt to dinner at his parent’s house…on Christmas Eve. Every year, his parents take a picture of us and our daughter in front of the stockings. As we waited for his brothers and sisters’ families to take their turns, my husband removed his sweater and there it was…his poopy t-shirt. I know what you are thinking, “did he wear the t-shirt in the picture?” Yes, yes he did! While I didn’t necessarily think it was funny at the time, I do now, especially when I look back on the picture.

Buying Doubles

Everyone in my family knows about the “I pooped today” shirt. So, I have purchased this t-shirt many different times for friends and family. While the t-shirt in this article¬†is black, this particular t-shirt is available in a variety of different sizes and colors. Make sure you get the attention of everybody in a room by wearing this unique shirt on your bod, or just make someone blush with embarrassment by presenting them with this whopper of a shirt as a gig.

Other Funny Ways to Let People Know You Pooped Today

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