A Quick and Tasty Appetizer to Delight Your Guests

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A Quick and Tasty Appetizer to Delight Your Guests

AppetizerNeed another appetizer for your holiday event?

Try this simple recipe for Marinated Mushrooms and Olives.

It only takes minutes to prepare these bite sized taste treats. Whip them up at the last minute, or make them a day or two ahead for convenience.

Warm or cold they have a wonderful flavor your family and guests will love. Since I first tasted them at a party more than thirty years ago and have been making them ever since, I think you can believe me.

They are always a popular choice.

A dish like this goes with everything. We love to serve it with our Italian feasts, but it is equally as satisfying at an appetizer-only cocktail party.

It’s also healthier than many other appetizers you might serve, with low calorie, nutritious mushrooms and the healthy fats contained in olive oil and olives.

Simply line a serving dish with green leaf lettuce or kale, scoop the marinated olives and mushrooms onto the lettuce, and include a batch of toothpicks.

I love that they are bite size too, for easy eating by guests. Once in awhile we will serve these as a side with a dinner, but my favorite is an appetizer. Of course, as tasty as they are, I could make the dish dinner itself.

You can get the full recipe right here.




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