The Radio Red Flyer Wagon

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Four wheels, a box, and a handle, what could be simpler. What I’ve just described is a whole bunch of fun with your kids or your grandchildren. The Radio Flyer Red Wagon, we bought one when our grandson Bobby was almost 2 years old. We’ve had such wonderful times taking walks around the neighborhood, to the local playground, and parks.

Red wagon

Are you thinking about joining the gym to get yourself in shape? Save your money, just take the kids for a stroll in the red wagon and you’ll get plenty of exercise, especially if you take on some hills, and I mean going up the hills not down.

Every ride we would try to use as a time to learn new things with our grandson, in the spring when everything is blooming we would point out the different flowers and trees in bloom. In the fall when the leaves were turning all of the vibrant colors we would collect them and talk about what makes them change colors.

Bobby is going to be 9 years old now, so he is a little too big to fit in the wagon, but we have his little brother Tyler who is just almost 4 years old, and our granddaughter Giada who is just 2, so we start all over again.
We’ve had our Radio Flyer Red Wagon for over 6 years now and it still in great shape. Tyler and Giada love it just as much as Bobby did.

The wagon is made of sturdy plastic; it has 2 fold up seats, and seat belts to hold your precious cargo securely. There are four molded cup holders so you can bring along the kids favorite drinks. The wagon has the National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval.

Make sure that you ask Santa for the Radio Flyer Red Wagon, and have it under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

This short video explains some features:


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