Raspberry Scones with White Chocolate

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Raspberry & chocolate scones

Scones are a favorite of mine for breakfast or brunch.  The seem mildly sweet which makes them lighter in my mind.  They are wonderful plain served with jam, or with a variety of additions that might include fresh fruit,  dried fruit, nuts, spices, pumpkin and even chocolate chips.

I’m constantly searching for the perfect scone recipe. Once I found a recipe I loved it look a lot of sampling before I could narrow down my favorite additions.  The finalists are raspberry, or blueberry combined with white chocolate chips.

The first time I tried raspberries I knew the flavor was a winning selection.  I had a batch of them hidden away in the freezer.  I tossed them in, mixing as gently as possible, and they baked up wonderfully.

The second batch I used raspberries fresh from the market.  The taste was still delicious, but I found they do break apart in the dough.  That actually spreads the raspberry flavor throughout the scone.
White chocolate isn’t needed, but it does add a lovely, rich sweetness.  Blueberries are always among my favorites too, and they also go very well with white chocolate chips.

Scone first became popular in Scotland and Britain.  First made as a flat, round cake, it was called a bannock in Scotland. Once cut into triangles it became a scone.  They are often shaped like our baking powder biscuits, with fruit or flavoring added.  Personally I’d always wanted to make a bannock.  Turns out I have.


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