How to Restore Wooden Lawn Furniture

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Here is how I restored some old wooden lawn furniture. My parents bought this furniture back in 80s for their new patio, and used it for many years.


Sometime in early 2000 my mother was going to throw it away. I wouldn’t hear of it, so she said if you want it go ahead and take it. I had the two chairs and one lounge chair stored in my garage. Several years ago I decided to take it out and use it on my deck.

At that time all it really needed was cleaned up, but after several years of use, the furniture was in need of some tender loving care. Pictured are the two chairs all restored and ready for the summer.

Materials I used for this DIY:

  • Fine Sandpaper (120 Grit)
  • Tack Cloth
  • Interior/Exterior Spray Paint (Fast Drying)
  • Lawn Furniture Cushions

Tools I used

  • Wire Brush
  • Screw Driver
  • Socket Set


1. Over the years some of the screws and bolts began to loosen. Using a screw driver and socket set I tightened all of the screws and bolts.
2. I then wire brushed all of the springs under the cushions to remove the rust. Then made sure they were all secured to the wooden sides of the furniture.
3. Using the wire brush again. I Wire brushed all of the wood surfaces to remove the loose paint.
4. The last step of preparation, I sanded all of the wooden surfaces with fine sandpaper. I used 120 Grit. Then take the tack cloth and wipe the surfaces to remove any dust or sanding residue.
5. In a well ventilated area I sprayed the furniture with interior/exterior fast drying spray paint. I used 2 cans of paint per chair. It’s also a good idea to wear at least a dust mask while spraying.

This was my simple DIY for restoring old wooden lawn furniture, I hope you enjoyed it.

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