Rume Bags, The Ultimate Reusable Grocery (and more) Bag

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Re-Usable Bags Last for Years

After five years of use of these wonderful bags, I consider them an investment that will save you time and money and–at the same time–help the environment.

Every day we hear more about the pollution being caused by plastic. Bottles and bags especially seem to collect in oceans, causing harm to fish, mammals and wildlife. Some cities are voting to ban plastic bags entirely. Would you go along with that?  I sure would. Hopefully they will eventually take that step with plastic bottles as well.

As a simple step we can take to help, many of now use reusable bags.  It’s a good, positive step that hopefully is starting to make a difference.  You can find them in all shapes and sizes, usually stowed in the trunk of the car.

If you are like our family, we will often stop in at the store on the way home from somewhere, with no bags along. That’s when we found these clever, super light bags. The RuMe and the Envirosax bags roll up so small that they now stay in my purse, my car, and in a bowl by the door.    They go with me everywhere.

These little lightweight bags are an essential at our house. They are environmentally friendly, remarkably lightweight, and roll up snug.  Besides your purse, they are easy to keep in a pocket, laptop case or carry-on. Honestly, we don’t go a day without using one or more of them. So much so, that we now have several sets.

Machine Washable Too!

Our first use was for groceries. I had a bad habit of forgetting the other cloth/reusable bags at home (or in the car) nearly every time I went to the store. I’d end up with eight or ten plastic or paper bags to haul in when I got home. Now several of these stay in my purse. They’re so light I don’t even know they are there, yet I always have them available when I need them.

Each RuMe bag allows so much (up to 50 pounds) that even the check-out clerks are impressed. I’ve never weighed the average filled grocery bag, so I’m not sure how that compares, but I do know they will hold about the same amount as three or more of the plastic bags the stores offer. The Envirosax are a bit smaller, holding what would fit into two plastic grocery bags.

When I get home, it’s easy to carry in a bag with each hand, or sometimes even on my shoulder. The wide handles are comfortable and long. They are extremely well made and durable.

The bags also are machine washable. We probably wash ours monthly, unless they get spills or stuff from the fresh veggies. They wash beautifully. We don’t put them in the dryer. It is unnecessary since they come out nearly dry from the washer.

There is not a tear or a torn seam in any one of them after all these years. They are still in great shape, velcro fasteners and all.  Every one of them is still in use.


The Many Uses of the RuMe Bag

Over the years now, we’ve expanded their use. Turns out that the RuMe bags are good for much more than simply grocery shopping. Use them…

  • In the car for hauling miscellaneous items in and out
  • For trips to the dry cleaners
  • When traveling to hold extra items that don’t fit in the suitcase
  • For laundry when traveling
  • To cover anything you carry that you prefer not to be visible in your car (I use it for my laptop even if I’m leaving it in the car)
  • For hauling newspaper or magazines to the recycle bins
  • To carry packages in to be mailed
  • When carrying art supplies or books to a class

You get the idea. They are invaluable for a huge variety of tasks.  Partly because of their large size they handle that same variety too.   I love the attractive designs they come in too, appropriate for any store.

Besides keeping some stashed in my purse, I always pack two or three when traveling. We keep a couple in our cars too. You never know when you will need one.

My first set was a gift.  Seeing the quality, I added to our collections.  It was a great investment.




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