Summer Fun with a Sandbox

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Our sandbox

Summer comes every year, and here in Western New York we’re always hoping for an early one.
Sometimes you need to keep the kids busy outside instead of in the house, on those nice hot summer days. A sand box in your back yard is a perfect fit for a lot of summer time fun with the kids.

Our grandson got a sandbox as a present on his first birthday from his aunt and uncle. Since that time we’ve always kept it at our house. So when he came over on those nice summer days we would spend hours playing with him in the sandbox.

This would be our oldest grandson who is now going to be ten years old this year, and we’ve had so much fun watching him grow up and playing in his sand box over the summer months.

He would build sand castles, roads to drive his little trucks on, and his favorite was making volcanoes.
Now that he is older and of course too big he has lost interest in the sand box, but not to worry because he has a little brother.

So every year we pull the sand box out of the garage, fill it with two bags of play sand, and gather up all of the buckets, sifters, shovels, and toys to get ready for another summer of fun with our grandchildren.

There are not really many features to talk about. What can I say? It’s a sandbox. The one we have is a Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox, and have had it all of this time.

The best thing about it is that it comes with a lid, which looks like a turtle shell. It is best to have one with a lid, to keep the rain and animals out of it, cats especially because they seem to think that the sandbox is a liter box.

Put a sandbox in your back yard for hours of summer time fun with the kids.


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