School Supplies for Our Children

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School Supplies for Our Children.

As parents and grandparents we all want out children and grandchildren to have the best when it comes to their education. So whether their starting off in a new school year, or the current school year is almost over, we still want them to have what they need in the way of the best school supplies.

Our grandson Bobby is in 3rd grade this year. Wow! Time sure does go by fast, as I still remember what he told my wife the last day of 1st grade. He got off the bus and said “Grandma I graduated, I’m going to 2nd grade” Well that year went by rather fast.

Bobby off the shool bus

What do elementary students need to start and continue through the school year? My daughter is a teacher, so she has a pretty good idea of what our grandson needs to get off to a good start, and continue through the years.

Here I have some of my ideas for elementary school supplies, to help creativity and to stay organized.

This set of colored pencils is a must for a 3rd grader. Kids are so talented and creative; they will surely find many uses for this set in their art class. Just think of all the beautiful things they can come up with.

Or grandson is very creative and likes to make all of his own occasion cards. This set will surely do the trick.

Of course they will need these colorful folders with pockets. These folders are so handy for taking all of their homework and important papers to and from school.

How about this new backpack to carry all of those supplies


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