Cool Science Experiments for Kids

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Cool Science Experiments for Kids

The book

For any occasion consider an educational gift for your children. Our daughter bought this book for our grandson Bobby.

He keeps this book at our house, whenever he comes over to visit, or spent the night we try to always take some time to do some experiments with him.

Bobby likes doing experiments from this book or actually any book. My wife and I take great pleasure in watching him learn new things.
This book contains 365 fun and amazing experiments, and was written and tested by teachers. There are six different sections of the book.
All activities are designed to use common everyday household items, of course if you don’t have that common item handy you’ll have to go out and buy it most of them are inexpensive.

The book is illustrated by Glen Singleton, Glen is well known for his illustrations kids cartoons and popular children’s books.
There are six sections in this book. Each section lists a series of symbols indicating things like adult supervision for all ages, or because of the tools needed for the experiment, such as scissors.

  • Astronomy
    The Sun and Us: The relationship between the Sun, Earth and Moon and Orbiting Satellites: See how satellites orbit around the Earth and relay information.
  • Biology
    Classifying Living Things, to finding the identity of different animal Footprints.
  • Chemistry
  • The study of the elements, the compounds they form and the reactions they undergo, such as how fast does a gas travel through the air.
  • Geology/Geography
    Geology: The study of the Earth including its composition, structure and origin of the rocks. Discover how minerals are part of our lives.
    Geography: The study of the Earth’s physical features, resources and climate. Try mapping the ocean floor.
  • Physics
    The science of dealing with the properties of matter and energy. See how the Earth’s magnetic force works.
  • Weather
    How the atmosphere affects the temperatures, wind and rain. Try making a device that measures temperature.

    All are very well illustrated with step by step instructions and pictures. There is also a place for the kids to take notes in every section of the book. They can document the date, the experiment, and write notes about what they learned.



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