7 Reasons to Read Magazines on Your Kindle Fire Tablet

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7 Reasons to Read Magazines on Your Kindle Fire Tablet

I love magazines, but I don’t like having stacks of old ones piled up in my house. Sure, I could donate them to a nursing home or recycle them, but my thought process usually goes along the lines of, “What if I need that article or that recipe in the future?” Thus, stacks of magazines have been the norm in my house for years.

But not anymore.

Magazines in KIndle

Now I have a couple of Kindle Fire tablets and, instead of reading and subsequently stacking paper magazines, I read the digital editions on a tablet. Then the issues stay on the tablet for future reference or I can choose to have them reside on the cloud storage area provided to me by Amazon.com.

Eliminating stacks is one reason I read magazines on my Kindle tablet. Here are a few more reasons that you, too, might want to try a digital magazine subscription on your Fire tablet:

  1. Digital issues are delivered before print issues. I’ve always been excited to get magazines in the mail, but often I’d see them on the newsstand days before they’d arrive in my mailbox. Now, they pop up on my tablet before they even show up on the newsstand. I love being in the know before anyone else!
  2. Magazines look amazingly beautiful on the tablet. Maybe you browse the pictures first in your print magazines, like I’ve always done. Everyone loves gorgeous magazine photos and they look awesome in living HD or HDX color on the Kindle Fire.

Curious about reasons three through seven, and bonus reason number eight? Okay, I’ll share the bonus reason first. You can try a Kindle magazine subscription for 30 days free, before you pay a penny. If you don’t like it, it’s simple to cancel. If you love it, Amazon will bill you at the end of the trial period. Cool, huh?

Okay, back to reasons three through seven. You’ll find them plus details on where and how to order in my article called Why Read Kindle Magazines. Just click the link to read. Have fun!



Susan Deppner is a baby boomer, proud mom, and lover of dark chocolate who has had the privilege of writing and working online for nearly 15 years. She writes about her Kindle, her pets, her home, and a variety of other topics here, reveals her family’s favorite recipes here, and otherwise shares her heart on her inspiration and encouragement blog, here. See all Susan’s JAQUO articles here.

Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. I am still without a Kindle but for sure if and when I get one, magazines would definitely be great to read this way.

    • I hope you can get a Kindle sometime, Ruth. Just today I got the August issue of Family Circle. It’s so fun to read on my Kindle Fire!

  2. Susan you have just made me sure that I want a Kindle. I have been waffling about getting one, now I think that time is over. Santa, I hope there is one in your bag for me!

    • Hooray, Olivia! I hope there’s a Kindle in Santa’s bag with your name on it!

      • Susan I hope Santa got the hint! If not, I will have to put this right under his nose……

  3. This is all true. I haven’t tried magazines on my kindle yet – if only I had time to do everything that I would like to!

    • Lack of time is such a problem for just about everyone I know. Another thing I like about magazines on mine is that they’re easy to browse using little snippets of time that come available. Maybe you’ll get to try one soon!

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