Skybell Doorbell: An Essential for Home Security

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See who’s outside your home – from your phone.

Someone knocks at your door or rings the bell. Who is it? Find out right away on your phone with the Skybell. You might be feeding the baby, bathing your toddler, showering or concentrating on cooking a complicated dish for dinner. Or it may be that it’s night time, you’re alone and want to know who’s out there before you go to the door.

Is the person soliciting? Or is it your old friend coming to call? It is a burglar who is checking to see whether you’re at home? Or is it a Fex Ex delivery? Find out – even if you’re not at home. That’s right, even if you’re at work – or on the beach – you can still find out who’s outside your door, even if they are simply loitering there.

What’s more, they are recorded. The video below explains more. You can also find out more at Amazon.

As you saw in the video, when someone is outside your door – ringing the bell, knocking, or simply loitering – your phone will alert you. As soon as someone presses the button, or is picked up by the motion sensor, a live feed goes straight to your phone so you can see who is calling and speak with them.  And remember, you don’t even have to be at home.

If it’s FedEx with a delivery and you’re at the grocery store, simply ask the delivery person to leave the package on the porch or with a neighbour. If you’re on the beach and you find that your caller is a solicitor, tell them you’re enjoying a long bubble bath – it’s always wise to give the impression  that you are at home. If it’s a friend and you’re gardening, tell them to come round to the backyard where you’re working. You can imagine many scenarios.

You can set the Skybell up  for several phones if you wish – every member of the household can have the app on their phone so that they can see who’s coming and going.

This video is an earlier one that the example you watched above but it explains the Skybell in detail.

Find out more at Amazon.


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