Solvetta: The Lunch Box that’s a Placemat

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How can you be sure that the healthy meal you pack stays germ-free?

solvetta_lunchboxMany of us take healthy lunches to work – or pack them for our families – but did you know that the great foods you pack are liable to be exposed to germs? The Solvetta is the answer.

It was developed by Rita Floyd-Vester, a teacher and mother of three, who discovered that the most germ-laden places in today’s schools are cafeteria tables. The same applies to most office lunch rooms.

They have more germs that doorknobs, water-coolers and even the toilets. Yet we – or our kids – are eating from them – gross! So Rita invented the Solvetta that is a washable, hygienic lunchbox that quickly transforms into a germ-free placemat – a safe place from which to eat.

In addition to daily lunches, this is a great product for picnics, the beach, the boat or the barbecue.

Food stays cool – for up to eight hours if you’ve added an icepack – and when it’s time to eat, you have a clean, germ-free surface.


What’s more, even though it’s sturdily constructed, it’s completely machine washable.

Although Rita developed the Solvetta for her kids’ packed school lunches, they are great for adults too – for taking food to work, when travelling or simply for eating when you’re on the go. And for fun occasions, such as picnics,they’re just right. There’s no need to pack a tablecloth – your food will stay clean and germ free even if your ‘dining table’ is a beach, the grass, a rock or a public picnic table.

You know that you’re packing healthy food for your family and the Solvetta means it will stay that way.

It’s easy to order online from Amazon and it comes in two sizes and a selection of great colours. See Rita and find out more from the video below.



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Author: Jackie Jackson

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