An Apartment Dweller’s Dilemma

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 An Apartment Dweller’s Dilemma

Are you an apartment dweller? Me too! I bet you hate the limited space like I do, right?

Well, I’ve been finding ways to make the best of the space in my apartment.

The living space here is a two-bedroom, two bath with a small dining area, a dinky kitchen and a small living room.

The bedrooms aren’t much larger, but I make do.

Recently, I stumbled upon Colorado Apple Crates. I spend a lot of time combing the internet, looking for space-saving ideas.

I even wrote an article on Hubpages in which I share a few of those ideas.

I am acquainted with several woodworkers and was able to get one of the craftsmen to make crates for me.

The sweet thing about them is that they have lids.

Originally, they were going to be used for shelving at the cafe where I was selling my pottery.img 2 jan 2014 challenge

That arrangement changed, so I found a use for my new “shelves” at home instead. I’m pleased with the resulting added storage.

Being able to stack them employs a principle I practice when putting my books and other items in bookcases and cabinets.

The least used things go at the very top or the very bottom. Everything else is in easy reaching distance.

The weight of the boxes ensures everything is stable.

I was able to create an island for some of my dishes out of the majority of the crates and found I had enough left over for the kitchen to get a small shelving revamp. The images show what I came up with for both areas.

Now I have a place to photograph food and such for my articles, as well as more space available when I’m creating masterdishes in the kitchen.




Tanya is a displaced Californian, living in Texas. She has a day job and she dabbles with writing. Along with other Squids, she migrated to Hubpages and continues to post articles there under the pseudonym, Arachnea. Tanya’s virtual life is more exciting than day-to-day-life. There are a few bright spots, however. The local symphony and arts community are two such bright spots and the occasional meet-up with friends makes for a third. Originally from California, she takes life as it comes in her temporary sojourn.

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Author: Jackie Jackson

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    • Thank you, Sam. I appreciate your comment. Efficient utilization of limited space is an ongoing challenge for me.

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