Fresh Spinach Recipes

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Recipes using fresh spinach.

180569_maxIn the twentieth century, children had to be more or less force-fed if their mothers wanted them to eat spinach, despite Popeye.

But today, fresh spinach is to be found in some of the tastiest recipes – on pizzas, in lasagnes dishes, on fresh salads, in casseroles, dips …

Spinach it adding its health-giving properties to a huge variety of delightful dishes. And of course, here at JAQUO Magazine we have our own, growing collection. All the recipes are tried, tested and remarkably tasty.


180679_max (1)In the bad old days of the twentieth century, when people just loved convenience foods, frozen spinach was popular and the fact that it usually ended up as a bright green splodge on your plate was largely responsible for its unpopularity with right-thinking children. And as for canned spinach, well, that was just slime – no doubt the cruel invention of some particularly malevolent devil or evil witch.

Is spinach a miracle food?

Today, we are a lot more concerned about the foods we eat and the meals we prepare for our family and friends. As they years go by, new research is undertaken and although we now know that, unlike Popeye, we will not find that our muscles  are full of tiny tanks or pumping pistons but that nevertheless spinach provides us with a great selection of nutrients and is one of the foods that is virtually calorie-free.

It’s time to rediscover spinach

If you were one of the thousands (millions?) of children who was put off spinach as simply being something your mum wanted you to eat and if you too cursed Popeye for popularising the evil green slime, then it’s high time that you rediscovered this wonderful food.



 Chicken Florentine Pasta


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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