Superhero Gift Ideas for Dad

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Is your Dad or your Husband your Superhero?

9845695_f260I’m a very lucky girl, both my dad and my husband are truly great men, fantastic fathers, and important parts of my life. I often liken both of these men to my favorite superheroes. My dad is stoic and alot like Thor, my husband is a big guy and reminds me a lot of the Incredible Hulk. Except, he doesn’t have a crazy, angry side. In honor of my favorite real-life superheroes, I created a list of great superhero gifts ideas for dads here.

My Favorite Superhero T-Shirts for Dads

Any of these t-shirts would be perfect for everyday wear and would also double as adult superhero Halloween costumes too.

This blue Superman t-shirt features faux, ripped muscles and a bright red cape.

Incredible Hulk Gift Ideas for Dad

9845705_f260If the Incredible Hulk is one of your Dad’s favorite superheroes, check out these gift ideas.

The Incredible Hulk is one of my favorite superheroes. I know what you are thinking, isn’t the Incredible Hulk a dissociative psycho? Well, not really. The Hulk was first introduced in 1962 as the alter ego of Bruce Banner, a scientist that transforms into the Incredible Hulk under extreme duress.

At first, the Hulk was seen as a combination of Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. However, the Hulk has evolved over the years and now is seen as more of a brave warrior and the protector of people who need protected. For this reason, the Hulk is my favorite superhero and the superhero that I most associate with my hulky, protective husband.


9845722_f260Batman Gift Ideas for Dad

Batman is Smart, Intuiative, and Doesn’t Actually have Superpowers

Many dads can relate to Batman because this superhero doesn’t actually have any superpowers. Instead, Batman, whose really identity is Bruce Wayne, relies on his education, resources, and detective abilities to make the best decisions possible. Batman also has very strong morals and does whatever he has to do to ensure justice is served. If this sounds like your dad, consider one of the Batman gift ideas below.

Batman Gift Ideas for your Superhero Dad

Gift your dad with Batman gear to let him know that you appreciate him.

Dad will remember that you think he is a superhero each and every time he flips out his wallet.

9845735_f260Captain America Gifts for Dad

With the new Captain America movie out, this superhero is going to be extremely popular on Father’s Day.

Captain America is an extremely patriotic superhero. This patriotic superhero is best known for his Olympic-like strength, extreme physical conditioning, and amazing athleticism. Captain America is also an expert marksman and a master of martial arts.

For defense, Captain America uses a vibranium, steel, alloy shield and can be counted on to be an excellent field commander. If your dad, grandpa, uncle, or other father-figure in your life has some of the same qualities as Captain America, you should consider Captain America gifts for dad.

Let your dad feel like a superhero everyday with this Captain America robe

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