Taco? Soft or Crispy?

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Taco? Soft or Crispy?


Did you know that the word taco derives in from a word which typically means a plug or wad used to fill a hole? That’s one of many things about the beloved Mexican dish I bet you didn’t know. Wikipedia also informs us that the taco predates the arrival of Europeans in Mexico, in the article, Taco. Needless to say there’s a lot more to this popular nosh than appears on the plate.

It probably will surprise you that Glen William Bell, Jr., the founder of Taco Bell, didn’t invent the taco. In fact, Casablanca Mexican Restaurant’s article on the history of the taco, references more indigenous origins. The restaurant’s being located in Massachusetts instead of Texas, California or Florida attests to the popularity of this fun little finger-food. Taco Bell however, spurred its popularity.


Katy June Friesen of Smithsonian.com interviewed Jeffrey M. Pilcher, professor of history at the University of Minnesota. Professor Pilcher shared his ideas of where the taco came from. Would you be surprised to find that there is a revival of the popularity of the taco in Mexico due to the influx of Lebanese immigrants?

The introduction of shawarma and gyros to Mexican palatine delights means another kind of taco, tacos Arabes. There are a few other interesting tidbits about the taco which will interest you in the article, Where Did the Taco Come From? The two most popular versions of the taco are the soft taco (flour tortilla) and the crispy taco (made with a fried corn tortilla).

Visit the videos in the table below for easy instructions for making these delicious Mexican favorites. I share my own recipe for vegetarian soft tacos in a Hubpages article, Southwestern Soft Tacos 


YouTube Videos

– An easy to follow tutorial on making Shawarma.
– How to make gyros at home.
Soft Tacos
– Chicken soft tacos, a crowd pleaser anytime.
Crispy Tacos
– Killer beef taco recipe.



Tanya is a displaced Californian, living in Texas. She has a day job and she dabbles with writing. Along with other Squids, she migrated to Hubpages and continues to post articles there under the pseudonym, Arachnea. Tanya’s virtual life is more exciting than day-to-day-life. There are a few bright spots, however. The local symphony and arts community are two such bright spots and the occasional meet-up with friends makes for a third. Originally from California, she takes life as it comes in her temporary sojourn.


Author: Jackie Jackson

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    • Thanks, Marsha, for stopping by. I appreciate your comment. I like corn myself, fried corn tortillas. I had to stop for lunch before I could finish writing this.

  1. Very interesting! I love both the soft and the hard, and I’m off to view your videos now. Thanks!

    • Giovanna, thanks for stopping in and commenting. For my Southwestern soft tacos, I like flour tortillas, fresh from the griddle. For other tacos, it’s fried corn tortillas for me. Hope you like the videos.

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