Charming Tails Figurine Collectibles

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Charming Tails Figurine Collectibles


Source: Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Charming Tails Figurines ~ fun to collect.

Charming Tails Figurines, a collectible based on the work of artist Dean Griff, are adorable little creatures in “people” situations.

They look like the real thing but in such cute poses that they give you a smile and laugh.

Griff does many different woodland animals; bunnies, mice, birds, penguins. My favorites are the mice, they’re just so cute and precious I can’t resist them.

You can’t go wrong giving one of the figurines for a special occasion. After all, they aren’t named “Charming Tails” for nothing!


How can you resist them?

The attention to detail is noticeable on any of these figurines.

Every flower, every little creature, every situation, is caught in its true form, then garnished with a whimsical touch. I have three “mouse houses” of the cute mice, and I still find more that I want.

My friends and relatives have bought numerous ones for me, for all kinds of occasions; my birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, or just because they thought it seemed like one I’d love.

I bet you can think of all kinds of people you know, who’d love one of these figurines.

Twas the night before Christmas


Source: From My Collection, Courtesy of Judy Schweitzer

Awww isn’t he just adorable?

How I started collecting Charming Tails Figurines Collectibles….and continued collecting them.

Some years ago, a friend bought me a tiny, adorable mouse figurine Christmas Tree ornament, hanging on a sprig of holly. I thought it was so cute, I soon found myself looking for more that compared in quality. Soon I discovered there were figurines for all the special occasions we observe; birthdays, holidays, marriages, honeymoons, and so on. If there’s an occasion, there’s a Charming Tails figurine that will fit it perfectly. This photo is not of the ornament mentioned here, and I think it is not available anymore, since it was many years ago. But the one shown here is adorable and would make a great start to someone’s Christmas Charming Tails collection.

Every flower, every little creature, every situation, is caught in its true form, then garnished with a whimsical touch.

Nancy Hardin

Charming Tails for all seasons, all reasons.

A mouse shopping? Of course! These mice do all the things people do, celebrate all the occasions people do, and say loving words to each other just as people do. There’s no better way for your Mom, wife, or sweetheart to be reminded of you every day, and there’s one for every occasion, or as in this case, just an everyday activity.

Little Mouse Fairy

Someone You Know Loves Fairies?


Image courtesy Amazon

See what I mean about something for everyone? If you know a little girl (or even a BIG girl) who loves fairies, this little Charming Tails Mouse Fairy figurine would be perfect for her. Nothing says loving like a gift that speaks to the heart, and this one definitely does. If it’s her birthday, or a “just because” day, if she loves fairies, she’ll adore this.

A Mouse Fairy? Why Not?!

Notes of interest….

  • The two mice figurines in Dean Griff’s collectibles are named Maxine and MacKenzie.
  • There is always a ladybug located somewhere in every Charming Tails Figurine.

Bluebird of Hope

A Visual Encouragement

The bluebird of hope, shown here with a cute mouse, strive to give visual encouragement to those who may need it. One thing for sure, when they see it each day they know you are thinking of them. It can’t solve problems,of course, but lets the downhearted know that they are loved and cared about every day.

Have A Friend Who Gardens?

If your friend is always to be found in the garden puttering around, watering, pulling weeds, pruning, planting, you know it’s her passion. This is a cute gift to let her know you appreciate her interest in gardens. This little mouse wears her little hat to keep the sun out of her eyes, and grows beautiful flowers.

People collect a lot of things; vintage valentines, cookie jars, old tins, decorative tins, old postcards, matchbooks, salt and pepper shakers, the list is practically endless. One thing all collectors have in common is they love to talk about their collection. So tell me, what do you collect?

Tell me about your collectibles.




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