A Tattoo for Granny

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A Tattoo for Granny

ladybug-1104770-mI’d always wanted a tattoo, but when I was a young woman, you just didn’t do that!

Tattoos were frowned upon at that time, and only rough men got them. They were unheard of for women. I always thought they were fascinating, and some of them were quite beautiful.

Tattooing and its artwork has come a long way in the last few years. I didn’t want anything big, but I always thought I’d like to have a small one.

I just never really saw anything I’d consider wearing on my body the rest of my days.

In 2010 I lost my only sister, and the last of my original family, since our brothers were already gone. I did a lot of grieving and mourning, because my sister and I were extremely close.

She helped to raise me when my mother worked, and she was a wonderful person.

As I mourned, I wanted some way to keep her close to me. I came up with nothing, until one day the idea of a tattoo occurred to me. But I didn’t want to have just her name tattooed, I wanted something more, a kind of memorial in ink.

Then the idea struck me: She was known as our hometown’s “ladybug lady” because of her extensive collection of ladybug themed items. That was my cue, and in my mind’s eye I could see the finished tattoo. At 72 years old, I had it done.

This is the story of that event, complete with photos.

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Nancy Hardin is a highly experienced writer and author. A retired journalist, she is also a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother with a wealth of experience in many fields. In addition, she is a retiree veteran, having spent many years in the Women’s Army Corps. She is also an experienced ghostwriter and you can see more about her skills at the The Writers’Door. YOu can visit Nancy’s website here and discover more of her work at this site.

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  1. Awww I love that! I have no tattoos but I like the idea of a memory/memorial type of tattoo.

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    • Thanks Laura, if anyone is looking for a good reason for getting a tattoo, I can think of no better one. Thanks again for your comment.

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