The Atlantis Ship, by A. C. Hadfield

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The Story

Picture our world a few hundred years in the future.  What do you see?  Will it be as dramatic a change as Mr.Hadfield has presented here, in The Atlantis Ship?  The first in a very entertaining series is sure to be a hit inside and out of the Sci-Fi genre.

In his future the planet earth has been used up, pretty much a wasteland now. Human, and non human actually, coexist in space on various stations or the odd planet here and there called the Salus Sphere. All sorts of planets and creatures, living and artifical, intermingle, rather like a Star Trek adventure.

It has been peaceful for the last twenty years or so, but that is about to change.  This time not from the usual quarters either.

When a space ship appears through a created worm hole to attack one of the ships, no one can believe it. Except this time they have it on video. The space ship is a mythical ship from thousands of years ago, one said to have destroyed other ships throughout the galaxies.  It appears, it strikes, then it disappears, often sucking what is left of the attacked ship into the black hole.

One man is hired to stop the Atlantis ship. Carson Mach may be their only hope.

Everything Has a Price

Besides a huge payoff to risk his life, he will need a ship and a crew.  He knows just who he wants: a team of misfits, some in jail, some inhiding, plus a robot called Squid. Two young twins, just out of training, are assigned to help him, though inexperienced and untested. Then, of course, he will pick up a few unique additions during their travels.

Their little group may be all that stands between life as they know it an annihilation.

All they run into on their search makes for an exciting ride.  Every time there is a need, whether for the ship itself, crew, weapons or fuel, they seem to have a mini quest, something they must do for the provider.  It isn’t necessarily legal either, but their cause is urgent.

My Thoughts

The novel is a fast paced, easy read (or listen).  It’s very entertaining book with lots of action, sure to please sci-if fans. Futuristic, outer space, ghost ships, wormholes and more.

Even if you aren’t a fan of sci-fi, you will enjoy the story.  It is quite an adventure, with an unlikely hero facing a new variety of adversities to take on the powerful. It reminds me of a quest, with constant trouble facing Carson and his crew.  It will definitely encourage your imagination.

In Audio Version

I listened to the audio version of the book, which was a treat. The narrator, Alexander Cendese, has a rich, clear voice, easy for listening. With lots of characters, human and otherwise, he managed well, making them fairly easy to identify.  It is always such a pleasure to listen to a good narrator.  With the best ones  you stop realize someone is reading while you follow the story.

You can listen to a sample right here.  It was the first I’d heard of Mr. Cendese, but I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Now that Carson Mach has his super ship, we will see more of him. There are already three books in the series to date.  With the universe out his window, he should find many adventures to come for fans. Try it—it is a great story.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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