The Best Little Carpet Cleaner for Spots

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The Bissell Spotlifter 2x Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner

Cordless Spot Carpet Cleaning–So Easy

My little carpet cleaner by Bissell is a favorite around our house for those little spots that seem to come from nowhere. I don’t know what we did without it. I suppose we tried cleaning up spills and spots by hand. That usually worked okay, but it seemed like we could never get the liquid out sufficiently so eventually it would show on the carpet.

The Bissell SpotLifter 2X Portable Deep Carpet Cleaner solved that problem.

It’s all about easy in this household. I’m much more likely to do anything if it’s easy and handy to accomplish. I keep our little cleaner plugged in, tucked away near the kitchen. If we spill, a little or a lot, it is right there to grab. And you can simply grab it. It is not heavy or bulky which means I’m far more likely to use it.

Why it Works for Me

So, to sum it up…

  • Easy to lift and use. It only weighs around 6 pounds. Not much bigger than the small vacuums that are out there.
  • Easy to clean. The two see through containers remove easily and can be rinsed out quickly.
  • It’s cordless–so much easier to grab for quick spills. It’s literally ready to go. I know it sounds silly, but it is sometimes a nuisance to have to unwind the cord.
  • It’s handy–If you have a spill, it often seems like too much trouble to set up and use a big carpet cleaner. After all, it is just one area, right? This little machine makes it so fast. There’s no hesitation. Just unplug and use it.
  • Brush attached. The built in brush makes it a snap to rub the spot after the cleaner has had a little time to work it’s magic.
  • Very good suction removes the spill and the cleaner from carpet.

I’ve had mine for a year now and it hasn’t let me down yet. I’m more than satisfied with what a good job it does. It’s the best! I’ve found it is much easier to use for multiple spots than dealing with a big carpet cleaner. It’s rechargeable power always seems to last as long as I need it.

Saves Money on Renting Cleaners

Even when I think we aren’t messy, every month I find a new spots on the carpet. It takes only a few minutes to spray the cleaner, scrub the spot with the brush on the machine, then suction it up. So far it has worked on all but one spot, even some that had been there for awhile. The charged battery will give you about 15 minutes of time. Since it doesn’t need to be on all the time, it’s always lasted long enough for me. I used it on six or seven spots yesterday and there was still power left. A full recharge takes about 12 hours. (the first time you plug it in they recommend 24 hours).

Since it is so easy that I use it often, I’ll keep mine loaded with some cleaner (mixed with water), so I can catch a spill immediately if I need to. If you don’t use it often, I probably wouldn’t keep it pre-filled.

It’s priced so well that it was easy for me to justify too. Renting a carpet cleaner would cost around half what the Bissell cleaner costs, so two rentals basically pay for the little machine. Over the past year it’s saved me the trips and hassles of renting a cleaner or hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

Be sure to grab a container of cleaner for your machine. The pet and odor version is one of the best I think.
Bissell’s Little Green Machine

My friend has one of these and really likes it. Nearly as portable, this one uses a hose that is attached. That makes it useful for hard to reach, smaller places, even stairs.


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  1. Cordless and with a built-in brush brings it home for me, as well as the Bissell brand.

    • It does make it so easy, Ruth. Thanks for your comments!

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