The Cloud! It Came from Cyberspace!

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The Cloud! It Came from Cyberspace!

cloudFar worse than The Blob, an ever accreting molten meteor that devoured every carbon-based life form it encountered, The Cloud appeared among unsuspecting earthlings.

Initially, I was a little foggy about The Cloud. Everyone was. I knew something of clouds—cirrus, cumulus, nimbus, stratus, but a little knowledge is, as always, dangerous. Once, I saw a cloud in the image of the Virgin Mary. (She had been known to appear in person from celestial clouds—more dramatic, yet less earthy & fun than Venus’ springing from the foam of the sea.)

Soon,The Cloud consumed everything: contacts, contracts, pictures, bank statements, tax returns. As it absorbed my cyber self, I was not in Seventh Heaven or on Cloud 9.

A hazy pall enveloped me. Things are transparently opaque. Resistance is futile.

Perhaps this dark Cloud has a silver lining? Maybe if one is an identity thief from China or Belarus.

People of earth look to the sky. Danger awaits, but not from non-carbon based life forms.


A native Philadelphian, D. A. Belmont’s wisely squandered youth was spent in Florida’s “Venice of America” and wildly in other enthralling fleshpots north and south of the equator. He lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Montevideo, Uruguay. He is the author of Diamondacious which is available online here.

Author: Jackie Jackson

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