The Lasko Desktop Fan, Small but Mighty

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A Cool Breeze in a Very Small Package

A mini lifesaver for a hot day! I’m so pleased with the small Lasko desktop fan that I bought three of them.

The last few days were very hot for our area. It’s moved on now, most likely heading east. This little fan sure helped during those days! When the air is still, the heat seems to hang in the air, totally draining my energy. The breeze from this fan was all I needed. I set it on oscillate during the day, then at night stopped the oscillation and turned it to low. It was so much more comfortable to sleep with some air movement.

The first time I purchased one of these compact fans was for use in the office where I worked. It was rather small, tucked out of the way, and would get stuffy. Yet I didn’t have a lot of space for a fan, nor did I want something that would blow papers every which way when it was on.

The Lasko fan was a perfect solution. Here’s why:

  • It’s only six inches wide. (It seems even smaller). The height is fourteen inches.
  • It’s quiet. Especially when not oscillating.
  • It fits easily onto most shelves or desktops without overwhelming them. They take up very little space.
  • Three speeds give you excellent choices.
  • Push a button for oscillation.
  • My favorite reason: You can turn oscillation off, but point the top half one way, the bottom half the other. Without the fan moving you cover more space for more circulation.
  • Good looking color and shape, so it blends into its surrounding. Very unobtrusive.
  • Small enough to take along when traveling.
  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Durable. I’ve had mine for years now.
  • Easy to clean.

Useful Year Round

Since one fan worked so well at the office, I bought one for the bedroom and one for the great room at home. Thankfully, where I live now in Oregon, the ocean breeze usually manages to keep us cool enough.

Central air conditioning is uncommon and usually unnecessary here. For the hot days though, this really is quite efficient. Sometimes just getting the air to move around and out helps as much as anything else.

This little fan handles that quietly and effectively. Being able to direct it in two different areas helps immensely as well. When the oscillator is on, that helps it cover an even wider area.

I’ve been using mine for several years now and it still works like a charm. It’s a very reasonable way to cool down a smaller space. It’s working right this minute!

Prefer Another Style? Blade-less is the Latest

From small to large, there are huge numbers of fans to suit your needs. Click on any of the ones below for more variety. The little to-go fan offers a lot of potential. You can use it anywhere. It won’t be as powerful as a regular fan, but works for a boost.

The tower fan is very popular and takes up very little room. Safer if you have children too.

Then you have the new technology, the blameless cooling system. Dyson seems to rule this category so far. It’s very modern and attractive and has no blades to be concerned with.

The Dyson Blade-less Fan

Top of the line Dyson has a hit on its hands with this fan. If I lived in Southern California still, I’d go for it.  It measures about 19 inches high, has 10 settings, including a sleep times, and comes with a remote control.

A Tower Fan

The best selling Tower fan, about 40 inches tall. 3 speed, oscillates, needs much less space than the old large bladed-fans. That makes it much safer too, especially with any little finger around.


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