The Magnetic Wristband by MagnoGrip

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Saves Time 

A magnetic wristband that will hold screws and nails as you work.  This one of the best ideas I’ve seen for any do-it-yourself project.   Talk about a time saver!

How many times have you stood on a ladder, drill or hammer in hand, ready to nail or screw something to a wall, only to drop the screw?  Back down the ladder–careful now–then back up.  I would guess more than fifty percent in our household.  It often reminded me of a Laurel and Hardy comedy routine.

Eliminates Frustration

It would drive me crazy!  A wristband would have saved us so much time, which in turn would have lessened the frustration.  After all, isn’t  D-I-Y supposed to be fun and relaxing?

Besides ordering a couple for both of my wrists, I’m thinking I should order one for each handy-person I know too.  What a great little gift idea for a stocking stuffer, a housewarming, or even Father’s Day, just for starters.

Totally Useful

This looks like the perfect answer to me. It’s designed for little projects–the kind most of us do ourselves. It won’t hold aluminum nails, but if you are using steel it will work great. Besides nails use it for nuts, bolts, and washers. If you spill some, the magnet in the band will pick them up again. Very handy!

It is already on my list for several people already.  Fathers and sons, some handymen, and some women I know who are much handier than the men in their family. It is unique, effective, practical and fun.   A totally useful idea.

For Around the House or Handyman Projects

You can see in the picture, the lightweight wristband won’t hold scads, but for most of our household projects we don’t need that many, perhaps a dozen or less.  It describes itself as a “third hand.”  Isn’t that appropriate?  Only this particular hand may have a better grip than we do ourselves at times.  Couldn’t we all use an extra hand on our little projects?

It’s made from a heavy duty polyester with a secure velcro fastener, so one size fits all.

I know my husband would have wanted one for each wrist, just in case.  He was famous (or is it infamous?) for his “fifteen minute projects.”  He would always rope me in to help him with something for a few minutes.  Two hours later, IF we were done, I’d get back to what I had been doing in the first place.  Most of the family learned to disappear when they heard those words. You have probably guessed, I spent a good amount of time with my eyes roaming the floor, trying to find the nails or screws that accidentally dropped.

That is why the magnetic wristband looks like such an amazing invention to me, but maybe we drop things more often than the average person.

I’m sold on this creative invention along with the two below.  Any help I can get for household improvements is always appreciated.

Magnetic Nail Pouch

A clip-on nail pouch that is also magnet.  Another excellent and clever idea!  If it saves only one or two trips up and down the ladder, it would be well worth it to me.  So often nails and screws end up everywhere.  If this helps avoid that, think of how much less frustration there would be.  Anything that can eliminate that particular angst rates an “A” from me.


Nail Holder and Striker

I ran across this while ordering the wristband. What a simple little invention that would be incredibly helpful.  If you are already picturing the Laurel and Hardy comedy routine that would suit many of our projects, you can see how this would have saved us many painful thumbs.  Such a handy invention for a small price.  Seriously, wouldn’t anyone who owns a hammer want one of these?



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