Small Spaces: The Master Divided Pan

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Perfect for cooking in small spaces.

I promise you, it’s not very often that I get excited about a kitchen appliance, let alone a humble pan. But this is simply brilliant.

Master_panSuch a simple idea but so very good for cooking in small spaces. My kitchen is truly tiny and this is a fabulous solution. I imagine that it would be great if you cook in a boat or RV too.  And think how useful this can be for camping trips.The pan only needs one heat source (one electric or gas ring for example) so it saves energy too.

Master_pan_2It’s excellent for households where people are following different diets or have different preferences too. Let me give you an example. We are a largely meat-free household. Himself eats no meat or fish but sometimes I get the urge to eat a little seafood. Using this pan, I can cook  a veggie burger for him and a fishburger for me without the flavours or juices mingling.

Another example is that I like boiled potatoes slathered in melted butter – he doesn’t. No problem with this pan – I can cook the two separately in different compartments. If you have picky eaters in your family, that’s a real bonus. It’s also a great solution if anyone in the family has food allergies.

The central section of this pan is designed to cook foods at 15 – 20% faster than the outer areas. This makes it perfect for cooking meat or fish with the accompanying vegetables being cooked in the outer sections.

It is non stick (see below) and is dishwasher friendly. You can also put it in the oven if needs be to a temperature of 350° – so versatile.

See more in this video:

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Non stick

Although this pan is dishwasher safe, it has a non stick coating that means it only needs wiping over after use. There is some concern about the safety of various non stick coatings and here is what the manufacturers have to say:

This coating complies with all current FDA regulation part 21 CFR 175.3 clause C3 for USA and BS-EN 12398-1 regulation for Europe for coating intended for regular use with food. We have in addition carried out further compliance test using Intertek a world standard agency for futher FDA matters SGS for Torque Test and a Thickness accuracy test. All certificates are available to view on request.



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