Three Dog Night – the Music of the 70’s

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Three Dog Night – the Music of the 70’s

In the 1970’s there were so many young artists just getting in the music industry. The music business was exploding with hit after hit. My all time favorite band was Three Dog Night.


The median income in 1970 was $8,734.00, the United States postage stamp sold for $.06, and a gallon of gas was $.36. I can remember a few years earlier my Dad complaining about gas at $.23 a gallon. WOW!! Things sure have changed haven’t they?

1970 was the year my wife and I started dating, we were both still in high school. In February of 1973 we were married; this was the happiest day of my life, as I knew that I was going to be with my best friend for the rest of my life.

There was so much amazing music at that time, but the music that moved me the most, and always gave me that feeling that I just can’t describe was, Three Dog Night. They were well known for their beautiful harmonies; at least that were my opinion, and their music still moves me today.

I’ve lost track of how many times that we’ve seen them in concert over the years. The first time was at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh.

The band formed in 1968 and had 21 top 40 billboard hits from 1969 to 1975. The band consisted of Danny Hutton, who was recording with Hanna-Barbera Records in 1964. Corey Wells and Chuck Negron were recording with Dunhill Records at the time. In 1967 they were recording under the name of Redwood and working with Brian Wilson, who everybody knows was one of the founders of the Beach Boys.

While they did write some of their own songs, most of Three Dog Night recordings were written by others. The hit song “One” which was one of my favorite songs was written by Harry Nilsson.

In 1970 Three Dog Night was #2 on the top 10 billboard chart with Mama Told Me Not To Come. In 1971 Three Dog Night topped the billboard chart at #1 with Joy to the World, and in 1972 they were #3 on the billboard chart with Black and White. The mid 70’s also marked the fading of the hippie era, and in 1975 the end of the Vietnam War, and the music played on.

If you’re not familiar with the music of Three Dog Night pick up a CD of their greatest hits or download to your MP3 player, you won’t be sorry.

The band continues to tour today, doing at least 80 appearances per year.



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