Top Authors of Romantic Suspense

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Romantic Suspense Authors to Keep You Reading

A dramatic, suspenseful novel is a favorite form of entertainment to me. It’s a pleasure to get lost in the tension, to be on the edge of my seat anxious to find out what will happen on the next pages. Suspense, thrillers, crime fiction, mysteries…all among my favorites.

Sometimes it is nice to catch your breath with a little romance added in to the mystery. When looking for a good book that will fit that category, there are several authors I automatically turn to: Nora Roberts, Lisa Jackson, and Julie Garwood.

There are plenty more, with some excellent new authors publishing lately. Over the years these three have provided hours of engaging reading (or listening) with too many books to list.

Nora Roberts, Lisa Jackson, and Julie Garwood

Nora Roberts, with over 200 books published, is probably the best known. I’ve enjoyed so many of her stand alone novels, such as Chasing Fire, The Search, The Witness, and her newest, The Collectors. There are many more.

Ms. Roberts’ manages to combine a well done mystery with a relationship usually between two strong characters. The dialogue and banter is always fun to read, and the story suspenseful.

Lisa Jackson is another excellent author. She’s had several series, some with five or so books, one with three, another with more than that.  The Savannah series may be my favorite.  They were twisting, fascinating and suspenseful.

The Bentz Montoya series is another favorite.  Her latest, Never Die Alone, is part of that series.

I find her mysteries often the most suspenseful of the three authors. It seems to be there is a bit more romance in the earlier books, and in certain series, but her novels always hold my interest.

Julie Garwood’s are possibly the lightest and the most fun, though they certainly contain suspense and mystery. Many of her books form a loose series, based around fellow FBI agents and families.

I’ve enjoyed every one of her books and automatically preorder her new ones. Each book contains humor in the romance that manages to keep me smiling. She is always a delight to read.

Interested in some of the more recent names? You can find a list of several in an article about several of the new names in romantic suspense. The popularity of the genre continues to grow. Escaping into a suspenseful book with enjoyable characters getting to know each other, is a lovely way to pass the time.


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