Today in history: May

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What happened on this day in May?

Today in history May1st

Ayrton Senna died 1994
Joanna Lumley born 1946
Citizen Kane released 1940
Bobby Vee announced that he’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease 2012
The US government seizes the nation’s jukebox factories and puts them to work making war materials. 1942
Empire State Building opened 1931
Ben E King died 2015
Man removed own appendix 1961
Tour de Yorkshire 2015


Anne Boleyn arrested 1536
Loch Ness Monster sighted 1933
Patrick Mahon arrested 1924
Osama bin Laden killed 2011
Eric Clapton recorded Wonderful Tonight 1977
Princess Charlotte born 2015
Serge Gainsbourg died 1991


Margaret Thatcher became prime minister 1979
Sidney Reso died 1992
Madeleine McCann disappeared 2007
James Brown born 1933
Led Zeppelin launches its Swan Song label. 1974
Jacksonville Fire 1901
Pete Seeger born 1919
Bing Crosby born 1903


Audrey Hepburn born 1929
Pablo Fanque died 1871
Archibald McIndoe born 1900
Superga Air Disaster 1949
Diana Dors died 1984
Wolfgang von Tripps born 1928


Nichole Hughes Maxwell died 1998
Henry Cavill born 1983
Bertha Benz born 1944
William McGuire’s body discovered 2004
Napoleon died 1821
Steve Moore born 1927


Edward VII died 1910
Marlene Dietrich died 1922
Hindenburg disaster 1937
Channel Tunnel opened 1994
Roger Bannister ran a four minute mile 1954
Rudolph Valentino born 1895
Ivy Benson died 1993
Errol Brown died 2015
Ernest Simpson born 1897


Lusitania sank 1915
Eva Peron born 1919
HH Holmes hanged 1896
Gary Cooper born 1901
Robert Browning born 1812


Nungesser and Coli embarked on their flight 1927
Barbara Payton died 1967
Stella Nickell convicted 1988
Dr. No released 1963
VE Day 1945
Paul Gaugin died 1903
Jean Henri Dunant born 1828


Alan Bennett born 1934
Channel Islands liberated 1945
Captain Blood stole the crown jewels 1671
Dean Martin arrested for DUI 1982
Billy Joel born 1949
Glenda Jackson born 1936
Howard Carter born 1873
Harry Pitch born 1924
Carlo Napolitano died 2011


Fred Astaire born 1899
Joan Crawford died 1977
Barbara Taylor Bradford born 1933
Thomas Lipton born 1848
Germany invaded The Netherlands 1940


Bob Marley died 1981
Douglas Adams died 2001
Kim Philby died 1988
Bradford football fire 1985
Spencer Perceval assassinated 1812
Chang & Eng Bunker born 1811
Valujet Flight 592 1996
Lord Erroll born 1901
Jackie Cochran born 1906


Buck Ruxton hanged 1936
Florence Nightingale born 1820
King George VI crowned
Adam Petty died 2000
Body of the Lindbergh baby found 1932
Katherine Hepburn born 1907


Daphne du Maurier born 1907
John Paul II shot 1981
Stevie Wonder born 1950
Kathleen Kennedy died 1948


Frank Sinatra died 1998
Jack Bruce born 1943
Tim Roth born 1961
Sabine Schmit born 1969
Henry J Heinz born 1919
Eric Morecambe born 1926
Blackpool Tower opened 1894
June Devaney murdered 1948
Bobby Darin born 1936
Lina Medina gave birth 1939
Raymund de Trafford died 1971
Rita Hayworth died 1987
B.B. King died 2015


Lady Mary Montagu born 1689
Zara Philips born 1981
Abraham Zapruder born 1905
First camels imported to the U.S. for commercial purposes 1856
First nylon stockings


Judy Finnegan born 1948
Liberace born 1919
Norma Jean Armistead kidnapped baby 1975
Margaret Hamilton died 1985
How to Train Your Dragon released 2014


Johnny Craddock born 1904
Donna Summer died 2012
Sinking of the Valley Queen 1934
Sugar Ray Leonard 1956
Bryce Zabel born 1954


Helen Sharman became the first British woman in space 1991
Elizabeth Montgomery died 1995
Lotus Formula One debut 1958
Aimee Semple McPherson disappeared 1926
Jackie Cochran became the first woman to break the sound barrier 1953
Celia Roth married Ed Cooney 1923


Nellie Melba born 1861
Nora Ephron born 1941
Jackie Kennedy Onassis died 1994
Alma Cogan born 1932
Jodi Picoult born 1966
Michael Llewelyn Davies died 1921
Nicole Brown Simpson born 1959
Nicholas Winton born 1909


Lennon/Ono moved into the Dakota Building 1973
Spirit of St Louis departed 1927
Cher born 1946
Joe Cocker born 1944
James Stewart born 1908
Don Trachte  born 1915


Chuck Berry recorded Maybellene 1955
Fats Waller born 1904


Frank Stranahan died 1929
Laurence Olivier born 1907
L’innovation fire 1967
Arthur Conan Doyle born 1859
Morrissey born 1959


Bonnie and Clyde ambushed 1934
Rubens Barrichello born
Joan Collins born 1933


Queen Victoria born 1819
Duke Ellington died 1974
Bob Dylan born 1941


Julian Cleary born 1959
Lady Anne Savile born 1864
Zoran Music died 2005
Patricia Presley born 1945
Back to the Future III released 1990


John Wayne born 1907
George Formby born 1904
Helen Bonham Carter born 1966
Matt Busby born 1909
Sally Ride born 1951
Simon Armitage born 1963
John Wesley Hardin born 1853
Alberto Ascari died 1955


Isadora Duncan born 1877
Heston Blumenthal born 1966
Jamie Oliver born 1975
Dreamland Fire 1911
Desmond Arthur died 1913
Susan Ballion born 1957


Unity Mitford died 1948
Duke of Windsor died 1972
Ian Fleming born 1908
Stanley Moore born 1927
Stevie Nicks born 1948
Dionne Quintuplets born 1934


John Kennedy born 1917
George Nelson born 1908
Queen Elizabeth II baptised at Buckingham Palace 1926
Hillary & Tenzing reached the summit of Mount Everest 1953
Bing Crosby recorded White Christmas 1942
LaToya Jackson born 1956
Prince Friedrich died 1873
Cilla Black born 1943


King Arthur died 542
First Indianapolis 500 1911
Christopher Marlowe died 1593
Mel Blanc born 1908
Benny Goodman born 1909
Henry VIII married Jane Seymour 1536


Johnstown flood 1889
Clint Eastwood born 1930
Dr Kellogg patented ‘flaked cereal’ 1884
Jimi Hendrix enlisted in the US Army 1961
Denholm Elliott born 1922
John Bonham born 1948
Lynn Truss born 1955
Peter Yarrow born 1938


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