Top New Suspense Thrillers, Part 2: Ben Coes, Author

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Top New Suspense Thrillers, Part 2:  Ben Coes, Author.

Ben Coes and Dewey Andreas

This is the first author in our series on the top new writers of suspense thrillers.   “ Newer” is perhaps a better word, since this excellent author now has five bestsellers now published with his latest, Independence Day.  Newer as compared to Vince Flynn, Tom Clancy, and Brad Thor.  Ben Coes is first since his character Dewey Andreas is one of my personal favorites.

When I got a hold of the first book written by Mr. Coes, Power Down, I had no idea what an exciting read it would be.  I was (and still am) so impressed with the complicated plot, the character development, the timeliness, Dewey Andreas, and with the fact that it was Ben Coes’ debut novel.  What a wonderful way to begin a writing career!

Power Down is Book 1

I couldn’t stop listening to this one!  Talk about non-stop action. A newly built hydraulic dam is destroyed.  So is the very oil field where Dewey Andreas is crew chief.   With very few clues to who is behind it, Dewey goes on his own mission to find those responsible.

Mr. Coes keeps us moving between Dewey and his mission, to all the government agencies trying to figure out what happened and getting in each others way, providing us an effective view of the politics that is always involved, even in a disaster.

The author keeps us wanting more,  so anxious to see what the next page will bring. Excellent story and exciting new hero. Loved this one!  You can read my full review here for of Power Down.

Ben Coes, Author

Bringing us Dewey Andreas

Ben Coes, the author of this new series, published his first novel, Power Down, in 2010. His fifth entry in the series was just released in May, still featuring character Dewey Andreas, former Army Ranger and Delta.

Our first introduction to Dewey finds him working as Crew Chief aboard an Oil Platform. That’s what first drew me to the series. An oil rig is a unique setting for the start this exciting series, unlike many political thrillers that occur in DC or somewhere in the Middle East. He gets us there, but not in the beginning.

I have found all of Mr. Coes’ books hard to put down (or in my case, hard to stop listening to). There is so much action and suspense in each that you can’t wait to get to see where it will lead next.

He covers a lot of territory too, from terrorists, to government officials, financial markets, and all the influence each has on the the other. He capably demonstrates the dangerous competition between congress, white house staff, and the various alphabet agencies.

Our hero, Dewey is a reluctant, nearly invincible, hero who is often the only one who can save the country from disaster. And I love every minute of him!  He is so likable.

A former speechwriter turned author, Mr. Coes has first hand knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes in the government. No wonder that’s such an interesting part of his books. I’ve listened to the audio versions with narrator Peter Hermann in all but the second. His voice fits the book–very enjoyable. Whether you listen or prefer to read, try one and see if you aren’t hooked.

Ben Coe’s Novels

Mr. Coes’ fifth book in the series was just released in May, keeping up his trend of  one each year. Let’s hope he keeps it up–or writes faster. Starring Dewey Andreas, indestructible, powerful, intelligent, and unstoppable!

  1. Power Down (Published 2010)
  2. Coup d’Etat (Published 2011)
  3. The Last Refuge (Published 2012)
  4. An Eye for an Eye (Published 2013)
  5. Independence Day  (Published  May 2015)

The audio versions of the Dewey Andreas series is so very well done.  I’ve enjoyed each of them.  All but one are narrated by Peter Hermann, who suits Dewey just right.  If you want a good listen for your next car trip or to listen to anytime, I’d try this one.  Audible has them all.  Great listens!

Coup D’Etat is Book 2

Another suspenseful ride!

This second installment featuring Dewey Andreas is as exciting as the first. A new president in Pakistan provokes India toward a war that would likely go global. When our president tells Dewey what is at stake, he steps in.

He may be the only person able to prevent a nuclear war. This book kept me glued to my earbuds. Mr. Coes manages all the players, the locales and the intrigue very well, keeping us right with him through plenty of twists and turns.

Fascinating story!

Vince Flynn said…

“With a gripping story, compelling characters, a relentless pace and nerve-wracking suspense, Power Down is one of the must-read thrillers of the year.”– (Vince Flynn, New York Times best-selling author of Pursuit of Honor)

Book 3 is The Last Refuge

Suspenseful and intriguing.  Personally I enjoy reading a book series in order. While each book can stand alone, seeing the characters and their relationships develop grows our attachment to them. I would recommend it for this series too. That characters development plays an important part in the Last Refuge. An Israeli Special Forces commander is kidnapped when he comes to New York to meet secretly with Dewey.

The commander has evidence that Iran has a nuclear bomb that is to be used to destroy Israel. Once again, Dewey has no option. He must rescue the commander and stop Iran. As usual Mr. Coes weaves a complicated plot to an exciting conclusion. Had to stay up late to finish this one!

Book 4, entitled  Eye for an Eye

The entire Chinese army seems to be after Dewey in Eye for an Eye.  In this scary, exciting read.   The battle gets far too personal.  When Dewey reveals a Chinese mole working in the middle east, the Chinese State security goes after Dewey for revenge.  When they kill someone close to him, he won’t stop until he finds each person involved.

But the Chinese are not only after Dewey, some within their government plan to take down the United States as well.  Yet the officials Dewey works for want him to stay out of it?  There is no way that will happen.  Another fantastic story, one in which you don’t see how Dewey can get out alive.

Click here to read my review.

Book 5, just released, is Independence Day

Just thinking about the latest release makes me actually want to rub my hands together in delight. Strange?  Perhaps. Since today is Independence Day, it is a fitting time to start the book.

Why would a Russian hacker acquires a nuclear bomb? The hacker, called Cloud, has delivered the bomb to a ship heading to the U.S.  The crew, jihadists.  When Dewey Andreas learns of the bomb, he is told to stay out of it.  His CIA superiors are sure they trust him yet since his last mission, one that killed his fiance. Still, it’s a good thing Dewey doesn’t listen to them. The teams sent to stop the ship are caught in a trap.  Now Dewey is the only one who can find the bomb before Independence Day.  He has three days.

Next up in the series…Author Mark Greaney


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