Top New Suspense Thrillers, Part 3: Mark Greaney

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Mark Greaney, Author

Bringing us Court Gentry

Continuing the search for still more authors of thrillers, Mark Greaney’s Gray Man had to be on the list. You may be familiar with the author’s name.  He has co-authored several books with Tom Clancy, including Command Authority, Threat Vector, and Locked On.

Gray Man was Mr. Greaney’s first solo novel, and what a beginning.  Court Gentry, the star of the series, is often compared to Jason Bourne, of Robert Ludlum’s excellent “Bourne” novels.

Gentry is former CIA, but now works independently as assassin for hire. Half the time he is hired for one job, his own government has other plans for him. He usually finds himself up against his former employers (the CIA), who seem to want to kill him, frame him, use him, or negotiate with him.  Not your normal work relationship–ever.

Each book has been very exciting and entertaining. The series is published as follows:

  1. The Gray Man (Published 2009)
  2. On Target (Published 2010 )
  3. Ballistic (Published 2011)
  4. Dead Eye (Published December 2013)
  5. Back Black (Scheduled for release  February 2016)

Again, here’s another strong lead character, superbly trained to accomplish his mission–whatever it is. It’s always a pleasure to see the situations he gets into, wondering how on earth he will get out of it. Very enjoyable. I do hope he eventually clears things up with the CIA, so he is not hunted from all sides.  Yet still they will use him.

The Gray Man, Book 1

In the first book of the series the Gray Man is at work in the middle east. When his rescue team tries to kill him instead he realizes that those he trusted are targeting him.

Between escaping killers and discovering who is behind it, Gentry proves to be nearly indestructible. Fun and fast paced! It left me anxious for the second book.

Listen to a Sample of the Audio Version of The Gray Man

On Target, Book 2

The more you get to know Court Gentry, the more you like him. He is back in On Target with two conflicting offers. One to kill Sudan’s president, the other to kidnap him and turn him over to American officials, for which he will receive amnesty. Once he says yes, the conflicting agendas provide the back story as Gentry goes on the hunt, once again wading through lies, misinformation, and betrayal.

Ballistic, Book 3

Ex-CIA assassin Court Gentry has been hiding out in the South american jungle, living quietly until the russian mobster, Grego Sidorenko finds him. As he escapes from the killers Sidorenko has sent, he learns of the death of a former friend, one who once saved his life. He soon finds himself caught up in a drug war between feuding Mexican drug lords at the same time he is escaping the Russian mob and avoiding the CIA. It’s a wild and exciting ride. A pleasure to read.

About The Gray Man

“A high-octane thriller that doesn’t pause for more than a second for all of its 464 pages…For readers looking for a thriller where the action comes fast and furious, this is the ticket.”
—Chicago Sun-Times

Dead Eye, Book 4

Mr. Greaney’s 4th book, Dead Eye was another exciting, edge of your seat novel. Perhaps even more suspenseful since the Gray Man comes up against a killer hunting him. This time the killer is just like him, trained by the same company, knowing all of the tricks Court may use.  Russell Whitlock, now hires out to whoever wants his training.  But who would hire him to kill Court Gentry? In a manipulative game of cat and mouse, a game that may have been set in motion by those within the United States, it will be a question of who is hunting whom.  Then a bigger plot comes to light to assassinate a world leader.  Will they stop their personal hunt and work together?  The book will keep you guessing  most of the time.

Watch for Book five in early 2016.  Back Blast is sure to be another hit.

You can read more here.

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