Top New Suspense Thrillers, Part 4:  Andrew Peterson, Author

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Andrew Peterson, Author

Bringing us Nathan McBride

Next in the top new suspense novels is a series by Andrew Peterson. So far he has four excellent books available, with the fifth due out in August.  Each star Nathan McBride, former CIA sniper.  One of the differences we find in Nathan is his kindness and determination to do the right thing, in spite of horrible treatment he has received in the past.

Personally I’ve listened to each in the series, downloading them from Audible. They are narrated by the very popular Dick Hill. If you like listening to books, you probably already know what a great job he does. The series order is as follows:

  1. First to Kill (Published 2009)
  2. Forced to Kill (Published 2011)
  3. Option to Kill (Published 2012)
  4. Ready to Kill ( Published April 2014)
  5. Contract to Kill (Released August 11, 2015)

First to Kill is #1 in the Series

Nathan McBride, a retired Marine sniper and covert CIA operative, is a well-balanced combination of Mitch Rapp, Scott Horvath (of Brad Thor fame), and Jack Reacher. He’s honorable, a definite good guy, with serious and deadly skills.

When the former FBI Director asks for his help to find his missing grandson–along with a ton of missing semtex, Nathan can’t say no. The characters are very well developed and likable. The story pulls you right in. It’s fast paced with plenty of twists and turns. Read this book! Once you read it, I’m betting you’ll want the second one.

More on Andrew Peterson and Nathan McBride

Mr. Peterson wrote the first book in this series in 1997, but didn’t look into publishing it until encouraged by author, Ridley Pearson, at a writer’s conference. His lead character, Nathan McBride, is another hero figure. This time we have a former Marine sniper who also worked for the CIA, now running his own security company.
The secondary character is Harvey Fontana, who was his spotter in the Marines. They are a powerful team, working to rescue, capture, kill, or whatever might be needed. Very handy and expert with weapons, yet a good guy wanting to do the right thing.

After surviving torture years before, he’s as strong and tough as they come.I enjoyed the character of Nathan greatly, and the way he relates with Harv. Mr Peterson’s novels are very entertaining and easy to enjoy.

Book 2 is Forced to Kill

In the second book you learn more of Nathan’s character–strengths and weaknesses–from his past . Ten years before he was tortured, nearly to death. When a body is found with scars similar to those he himself still wears, Nathan recognizes them as done by the same man who tortured him.

He knows he can’t let him get away again.

This book definitely belongs in the thriller category–It’s very intense in places, an exciting read, and enlightening as you get much better acquainted with the characters.

Option to Kill is #3

Nathan is back with more of the regular characters that I’ve grown attached to. This time Nathan receives a text from a young girl, Lauren, saying she’s been kidnapped. Having no idea who she is or how she got his phone number, he nevertheless goes to her aid. Once he rescues her he learns she was in Witness Protection, and that she believes the marshals were involved in her kidnapping.

Peterson manages to keep the book moving quickly with plenty of twists, lots of action and even more surprises. And by the way, all of this happens over a thirty-six hour time frame!

It’s a great read (or listen), hard to put down.

I love book trailers.

Here is one for Forced to Kill, the second book in Mr. Peterson’s popular series.

Ready to Kill, Book 4

Nathan and Harv are called out of retirement by the CIA when a note thrown over an embassy wall refers to someone Nathan is much too familiar with.  It will put Nate right back in Nicaraguan jungle, where years before he was brutally tortured.

Heading to a small mining town where greed and corruption are rampant, and leading into the mine itself, all in search of a man who would murder a priest.  It’s interesting to read about the care that is in the detail, the all to current surveillance equipment, the planning that the reader might never consider.

Another great read from Mr. Peterson.

Book five, Contract to Kill

Contract to Kill, promises to be another tension filled suspense.  Nathan is contacted by a friend who has witnessed a murder.   The investigation leads to a top military contractor.  When it turns out the contractor is on its own risky assignment, and someone high in the government wants to stop them,

Nathan finds himself caught in the middle.

 Next up in the series…Author John Gilstrap


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