Top New Suspense Thrillers, Part 5:  John Gilstrap, Author

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John Gilstrap, Author, Brings us Jonathan Graves

This is the excellent series by John Gilstrap. You may know him from his bestseller, Nathan’s Run. Besides several other published novels, he is a screenwriter and a  safety expert, with solid knowledge in explosives and hazardous materials. Good information to have when he is writing his novels.

The series begins with Jonathan Graves, no longer in the employ of the government, but running his own security/hostage rescue business. It would seem that whenever he is involved is rescuing a kidnap victim, there is much more to the story. The intrigue usually has local authorities and his old boss either helping him or trying to figure him what he’s done, while those higher up in the government play out their own agenda. It’s up to Graves to find who, in order to stop the risk.

I’m just getting started with this series, so I don’t yet know where it might lead.  Another pleasure in a series like this.  Hostage rescue is another twist to the thriller genre.  There are so many different approaches an author can take.  Mr. Gilstrap has a winner with this one.

The Series is published as follows:

  1. No Mercy, September 2009
  2. Hostage Zero, July 2010
  3. Threat Warning, June 2011
  4. Damage Control June 2012
  5. High Treason, July 2013
  6. End Game, June 2014
  7. Against All Enemies, June 2015

“Gilstrap pushes every thriller button.”

San Francisco Chronicle

No Mercy is Book 1 in the Series

The first book in this series starts off quickly. First a kidnapping, then the rescue goes wrong, then Grave’s ex-wife’s husband goes missing. An involved plot that moves at an exciting pace.

Hostage Zero is Book 2

Two children are kidnapped in the 2nd installment of Mr. Gilstrap’s series. Once again the rescue leads Graves to something bigger than expected, and that often means someone high in the government.

Threat Warning is Book 3

Jonathan happens to be in a rush hour crowd that is fired upon. It appears random, until he sees a gunman leaving with a woman and child as hostage. Of course, he goes after them. It sounds very good to me!

This one doesn’t get as good reviews as Mr. Gilstraps others in the series. I’ll let you know what I think when I’m finished with it. Knowing the characters, I bet it will keep my interest.

An Interview with John Gilstrap

Book 4, Damage Control

In a frightening premise, a bus filled with teens is kidnapped.  With the usual requirements of no law enforcement, the kidnappers demand 3million dollars.  True to his new business of hostage rescue, his team goes in with the money to find that wasn’t the only goal.

Soon even the United states government is after Graves and his team for murder.  Unexpectedly, the kidnapping is connected somehow to a secret that could affect national security.

Book 5,  High Treason

The first lady has been kidnapped. That is certain to grab a readers attention, isn’t it?

When facts are uncovered that show it may have to do with the first lady’s past, the investigation leads in a different direction, towards murder, a traitor, and a plot to harm the United states.

Book 6 is End Game 

Jonathan Grave, and his hostage rescue team are sent to find and rescue the son of a Chechen man who has been  assassinated.  The son is hiding, off the grid, with the aid of his bodyguard.  The young boy holds information that can reveal a traitor in the government, and prevent a threatening nuclear war.

Book 7 Against All Enemies 

 Mr. Gilstrap’s newest was just released June 30th of 2015.  Uncover a conspiracy when one of his fellow veterans appears to go rogue.  Are they in time to stop a catastrophe?

Next up in the series…Author, Brett Battles


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