Twelve to Murder, by Lauren Carr, A Review

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A couple found murdered in their mansion, a man’s name spelled out in blood.  Could it really be that easy?

Not likely in a novel written by Lauren Carr!  If you are familiar with her series, you will know there will be many potential killers with as many potential motives.

This one involves…

  • A long ago kidnapping
  • A woman killed when her car goes over a cliff
  • A missing man who may have done it
  • Drugs and the dealing of them
  • Actors and comedians
  • Revenge
  • Deception
  • Lies

And don’t forget–murder.

Then the local Police Chief, David asks, “what if….?”

Mysterious People

Within the interesting cast of characters we find;  An actor, his former agent, the agent’s husband and son.  I always appreciate the list she includes at the beginning of the book.  I do refer back to that often!

The son could have done it.  So could the mysterious woman who keeps showing up then disappearing.  The drug dealers?  Why not?  They don’t usually have qualms about that sort of thing.  Or is it really Lenny, the man who was named in blood?

In this entertaining plot, we first have to figure out if the murders were about something recent or something from the past.  Was the kidnapping behind it all? Don’t be surprised if several of the characters aren’t who they say they are.  The missing may or may not be dead.  Someone appears to be manipulating all of them behind the scenes.

Lauren Carr, Author

Once again, Ms. Carr has written a clever mystery that remains light and upbeat.  She always manages to write characters that appeal, that we want to know more about.

It’s hard to resist Mac Faraday, his love, Archie, his half brother and police chief, David, and the front and center German shepherd, Gnarly.  He does so well in this book, always on hand, just in case Mac needs him.  Usually Mac does.  The rascal of a dog takes his work very seriously when it matters.

Also in question in this entry, will Mac ever be ready to set the date to marry Archie?

Twelve to Murder is the seventh in her Mac Faraday series.  There are currently ten released, with the latest, Open Season for Murder available as of June 1, 2015.  I’m hooked on Mac’s series, so I will look forward to the new series Lauren has begun.  The Thorny Rose Mystery series will feature the son and daughter of Mac Faraday and Josh Thornton (from her Lovers in Crime series).  The first book will be titled Kill and Run.

Since I am reading the books in order, the next one for me is A Wedding and a Killing.  If you would like to learn more about Lauren and her books, you can find all the links to her interviews, the reviews I’ve done, and her lovely guest post on Mystery Suspense Reviews.  Her author page is available right here.

Kill and Run available here for pre-order


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