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Now tweet with a quote.

On April 6th, 2015, Twitter users saw a new feature when they went to their accounts. Twitter hasn’t exactly been hasty about rolling out new features but at last,we have one which is very welcome.

When Twitter first began, retweeting was a messy and inconvenient copy and paste procedure. Not only was it awkward, tweets often (usually) had to be truncated  to fit into the one hundred and fifty character limit. It didn’t exactly encourage retweeting and sharing.

Apps such as Tweetdeck made it easier with special buttons but it was still pretty unsatisfactory -particularly when users wanted to keep the message in its entirety and add their own comments. But now we can without having to consider the one hundred and forty rule. See an example below.


On the web

Twitter_feature_2It’s even better on Tweetdeck.

See the image on the right.

One advantage this new move will have is to encourage people who are new to Twitter or those who are reluctant to use the service because its ‘too complicated’. Sure, those of us who have been using Twitter since its earliest days will use a word like ‘retweet’ without giving it a second’s thought.

But for newcomers ‘quote tweet’ is much more familiar and easy to understand. And even better, they won’t have to worry about sticking to the character limit.

This new feature has been in beta for a few users since summer 2014 and obviously got the thumbs up from users.

If you’ve been putting off using Twitter, which is a hugely valuable resource for promotion, then hopefully this will encourage you to make the most of it.

Who knows? This could be the start of a whole bunch of new features that will make Twitter seem less ‘elite’and open it up to more and more people.

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Author: Jackie Jackson

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