United States of Apocalypse, by Authors Mark Tufo and  Armand Rosamilia

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A Book Review

The End or a Beginning?

It begins with how it happened. How the United States—and perhaps the world—was brought to its knees.  Even the prologue of this exciting book pulls you immediately into the story.

Listening to the audiobook from Audible, I could feel the tension, the fear, the determination in the story.  Narrated by Sean Runnette and Julia Whelan, the male/female adds to the book immensely.  Both are excellent in their roles, Julia for Darlene, and Sean for both Mike Talbot, with his sarcastic and non stop humor, and for Officer Tines and his honorable intent.

The Story

The battles take place on two fronts, though the war is far larger.

In the West along the I-70, Darlene Bobich is driving, trying to escape the pain from the loss of her father.  Her life changes when she stops for gas along the isolated highway.

On the eastern coast, in New York, Police officer Lawrence Tines is going to bring in Mike Talbot, small time criminal, no matter what.  Though it is clear Talbot expects to talk his way out of it.

Just another day, right?

Sure. Until a nuclear bomb explodes. In Yellowstone National Park.

Does that location affect you as it does me?  Somehow that cuts to a part of our nation that symbolizes the spacious land, the beauty, and the freedom we hold dear.

It’s Only The Start

What lengths would you go to for food? To protect yourself? In a nation of chaos, would you survive?  In this fast paced, tension filled novel, it quickly becomes every man for himself.  From the start the populace races to gather all they can for pending disaster.  That brings out the gangs, the looters, the small town bullies, who would take what they want at whatever cost to others, even lives.

As on both coasts, Darlene and Mike and Tines go into survival and protect modes, they quickly  become targets themselves.

Will the gangs rule? Will the criminals? How many more bombs will be detonated as the attack unfolds?

What a great book to listen to in audio. Fast moving, well done dialogue  that has the reader laughing out loud or listening intently in suspense.  You can listen to a sample here on Audible.

Mike Talbot is humorous in all circumstances, very likable!  His shifting relationship with Tines is a pleasure to follow.  The  entertaining dialogue between the two lightens up the frightening circumstances.

It is definitely book one. The story does not conclude, but then with so much more to come you will understand why. I would have preferred some kind of a finish to the current events.  Still, I will definitely be watching for book two to see when the characters lead us.  Will they be able to stop a war on United States soil?

The Authors

This was my first novel by either author.  Both have a solid following with their own series.  Mark Tufo has penned the Zombie Fallout Series, and  Armand Rosamilia, the Dying Days series.  Both have several other published works as well.

Reading more about them, apparently Mike Talbot Tines, and Darlene Bobich are featured in previous books that include zombies.

This book DOES NOT.  I enjoyed the book for the near-future survivalist aspect.  Sorry, but zombies aren’t my thing.  So you can safely pick this one up and enjoy the one without the other.  I’m hoping the series continues along the same lines, zombie free.

It’s an exciting, terrific read, one you are sure to enjoy.


Merry Citarella, often writing as Merrci, writes on a wide range of topics. Recently relocated to the Oregon Coast in the northwest United States, she frequently writes travel features on the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She specializes in health and aging, Alzheimer’s Disease, food, lifestyle, and book reviews. For more information you can see her on The Writers’Door. You can read more articles here or at her websites Alzheimers HQ and Simple Living Ideas

Author: Merry Citarella

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  1. Both authors are top notch!! I would highly recommend this book / audible. Both of the interlaced stories are different but set in the same timeline, but with different characters. Michael has the humor side covered and Darlene for the more personal / drama side. They play off each other quite well.

  2. Very interesting review. Too bad the situation isn’t resolved in book one, but it sounds worth the read (or listen) anyway. I like the idea of the two narrators. Makes me want to (finally) try Audible.

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