Unscrupulous, by M. E. May

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The Circle City Mystery Series

The fifth entry in M E May’s “Circle City Mystery” series is an intense, fast moving story suspense lovers are certain to enjoy.

It begins when a woman is found murdered, her five year old daughter, Maricella, missing. Revenge, random, or something even worse?

Then the investigation discovers the little girl is not the only child missing. Children are being taken, often right from their homes during the night.

Detective Brent Freeman and new detective Anne Samuels are in charge of the homicide. Others in his department are searching for missing children. But can any officer stay out of an investigation when children are being sold?

Unfortunately, human trafficking still happens today, and not just on foreign soil. Add to the complexity of trafficking, the gang influence in the trade and it becomes more frightening. You would hope even gang members would want to protect children.

As the investigation heats up, so do the killings. Even with the FBi included, the team is shrinking. Whoever is behind it doesn’t mind killing anyone in their way. That includes law enforcement.

When the children overhear what is to happen to little Maricella, the children know they must find a way to escape.

Brent and his team rush to find the missing children before a looming unknown deadline, but he is distracted on all fronts. The woman he loves may not be what he thought. He has lost members of his force. Between that, his family, and murder with every lead they follow, his focus is torn in too many directions.

The book is a fast paced throughout, an easy read. It is one you will want to finish quickly to see how it resolves. The author takes the reader through the investigation, interspersing it with the child’s view of what is happening to them at the same time.

Very entertaining! While we get a solid conclusion there are clear hints at more books in the series to come.

Each book in this series is a stand alone novel.  Names do overlap, but each one features different main characters.  If you prefer to read the series in order, the first is Perfidy.  You can read my review here.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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