Vega-Link Sandwich Spread

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Vegetarian Spread

Have you heard of vegetarian hot dogs? They make a great spread all mashed up. I use what you call Big Franks, Super-Links and Vega-Links. They’re called veggie hot dogs. At least that’s what I call them. All by a brand called Worthington which come in plain or low-fat. They are wheat, soy and protein based. No real meat in these!

These veggie hot dogs are easily smashed up with a fork. The consistency of these are softer unlike a real hot dog which is bit more tough. Then all you do is add some mayonnaise and mix it all up. Some like the spread plain and some like it with onion and relish. I actually prefer it plain but with a little onion in mine. I’m not the biggest fan of relish but it is quite tasty used in the spread.

These sandwiches are very simple and great for picnics, potlucks, special occasions and just for on your own table at home. Salads or fruit go well with these sandwiches if serving at home.

Back When Memories

As a little girl growing up in the Seventh Day Adventist ways these alternatives meatless food products were used since we were not meat eaters. To this day I still enjoy using these kinds of food products in my cooking. It brings back those way back when memories of how it use to be. I even raised my boys on this too and they love it! I do eat some meat now but vegetarian foods such as this is still a huge favorite. Truthfully I prefer these over a real meat hot dog any day!

Vega-Link Sandwich Spread


  • 1 can Big Franks or Vega Links
  • ½ cup pickle relish
  • 1 small onion onion, diced
  • Mayonnaise
  1. Drain the can of vegetarian hot dogs.
  2. Then mash the hot dogs on a plate with a fork.
  3. Add enough mayonnaise to make it a nice creamy consistency, not dry.
  4. Stir in relish and onion
  5. Then spread it onto the bread. You use either white or wheat.

Step 1- Getting Started

Lets get starting at making the sandwich spread.

Get a plate out and lay a few of the veggie hot dogs on the plate. Then take a fork and start smashing them up. They should smash up nicely since they are soft.


  • You can use a bigger bowl for smashing in too beside a plate
  • Instead of use a fork you use a food smasher or grinder


Step 2 – Mix Mayo In

Now you’ll mix mayonnaise in the smashed up hot dogs making into a spread. I’d start with a few bigger spoons fulls and see how the consistency turns out. You can always more but can’t take away. I don’t like mine dry so I do like to add enough to make it more creamier. Then just add relish or onions if you’d like beef it up with taste.


Step 3 – Spread on Bread

Now it’s time to spread your veggie mixture on the bread. You can spread it on without bread buttered or mayo but that is a preference on how you like that. Some do; some don’t. Also I like to toast my bread sometimes for my sandwiches but mostly these are made on un-toasted bread. You can use buns for these kinds of sandwiches too and even make them open faced for special parties. This is really a versatile sandwich spread.


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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