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The first Wednesday in April has been designated National Walking Day, but you don’t have to wait until then to get started. Walking is an activity that can be done every day, whether indoors or out.

This article will focus on walking indoors. Sometimes the weather isn’t quite what we want it to be, and sometimes the timing fits better just to go ahead and walk inside. You don’t even need a lot of room, and it can also be more energizing. When walking indoors, one usually incorporates more arm activity and different moves like lunges, side steps, and kicks.

I have been walking indoors for a number of years myself; with Leslie Sansone DVDs. Below are some of the various ones that I have used, along with a description as to what to expect. Some are faster paced than others, and some are better suited for beginners.

This Walk Away the Pounds Express incorporates more with the arms with sporadic use of the stretchy band. (Not included in this particular DVD.) This walking routine is a good one to start out with; it isn’t too strenuous. The music on this one has a steady beat to it; you can use the beat to help keep in step, but you don’t have to. The nice thing about these is that you can go at your own pace. Leslie also uses positive affirmations in this one.

The 5 Day Fit DVD is good for the beginner to the intermediate. It includes 5 routines, so you can have more variety with this one. It includes a getting started routine and also a 2 mile high calorie burn. I appreciate having the different routines.

The Fast and Firm DVD starts out at a faster pace than the previous ones. Mile 2 is several minutes faster than mile 1, mile 3 is boosted with jogging, and mile 4 brings the level back down. On this DVD the walk choices are chaptered, meaning you can choose any mile and in any order. You can do mile 1 twice if you like, and then choose the cool down stretch.

The music feels like actual music on this one, i.e. the beginning song is, I’ve got a new attitude, which I really like.

This Super Fat Burning DVD increases the intensity. It is a complete three mile walk workout, boosted with using weighted balls for added intensity, if you choose to use them. Using the weights is added shortly after the 1-½ mile mark. Leslie uses and recommends two pound weighted balls. They aren’t included in this particular package.

I have enjoyed walking with Leslie; she has helped me to get up and get moving more. She has a large variety of Walk Away the Pounds DVDs to choose from and some do include accessories such as the stretchy bands and weighted balls. You can browse more of her Walking DVDs here.

Are you just starting to walk for exercise or have you been doing it for awhile?


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