Wall Art Decals Make Homes Beautiful

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These RoomMates Peel & Stick wall decals are absolutely brilliant.

Here’s a story about how I first came across amazing decals/ wall stickers:


My best friend and husband gave me such a surprise when I had my baby. We had a small spare room for the baby but because I knew it wouldn’t be using it for the first few months I decided to wait to decorate it until after the baby was born. We thought that would be wise because we had no idea whether it would be a girl or a boy.

When it was time to go into hospital to deliver my baby, my best friend, Anna, went to my house and decorated the whole room in less than 24 hours! My husband knew this was going on and he helped her to choose the design.

They had it all worked out and I had no idea!

I often talked to my husband and to Anna about how I wanted to decorate our tiny nursery, so they had a very good idea about what I would like. Of course I wanted specific things for a boy, and very different things if it was a girl.

My baby arrived at 9.30 in the evening and it was a boy, and so Anna immediately got to work. She had found some really lovely ideas too and the result was so beautiful.

I only stayed in hospital for 24 hours, so she didn’t have much time.

She was able to transform my baby’s nursery into the most beautiful nursery ever so quickly because she used wall decals or stickers. She had teddy bears on the walls at the level that a very young child would be able to see. She had beautiful stickers of the planets and stars on the ceiling. And she stuck some on the windows that softened the light so the room had a lovely warm glow to it.

I was really touched by this wonderful surprise. It was something only people who really love you would think of doing. That was some time ago and I have never forgotten it. It is one of my happiest memories.

Wall decals

I absolutely loved the idea of using stickers to zazz up my house! So I decided to decorate my loo with 3 enormous long stemmed red poppy wall decals and they looked stunning for many years! I put some in my kitchen too just to give it a more homely feel. And because I am a teacher I had a great time decorating a corner of my colleague’s classroom – and her reading corner looked amazing!

I have also bought all sorts of different designs as presents for my family and friends.

I love wall art decals because they make homes beautiful without any pain!

Since then more wonderful designs are up for grabs! And they are better than before because now you can move them around!

RoomMates Peel & Stick wall decals come in hundreds of designs and they are suitable for any room in your house. Themes like fairies with glitter, outer space, transport, characters from movies, sports, the seasons, there really is an enormous choice!

They are very easy to apply and they simply peel off without taking the wall surface with them or leaving any sticky marks behind! This means they can be repositioned really quickly.

I like the colours they come in, they are not those harsh primaries, but lovely soft muted colours that you can live with forever!

Also, they are far more detailed than a stencil and so they look better on the wall. They are non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals.

They are not difficult to stick on the walls, but there is a technique for the bigger designs and Youtube has lots of videos that people have made that show how to do it.

And I love that they are so affordable. It’s a truly inexpensive way of transforming and beautifying any room. What fun!

Examples of Roomates Designs


Here’s another review I’ve written about Arts and Crafts for Kids using a pegloom.

Have you used wall decals in your home? Please leave a comment. Thank you very much indeed for your visit.



Giovanna Sanguinetti has been a teacher for many years and loves teaching dyslexic children. She is a qualified and experienced teacher of drama and theatre arts too. Her big love is theatre directing. She lives in London and is currently embarking on a very exciting project home educating her son through his exams years of school. While she does this she will continue writing online about education. Giovanna also loves adventure travel and is passionate about responsible and sustainable travel. She enjoys writing about this and has her own brand-new website. She is also the Travel Feature Editor on Tastes Magazine.

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