Who Let The Dog Out? A Book by David Rosenfelt

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Andy Carpenter had me laughing from the first chapter of David Rosenfelt’s latest mystery.  He has a way of making even youth softball funny.

Who Let The Dog Out, released in July, 2015, is the thirteenth book in this fabulous series.

I am smiling in expectation with the first page.  Like his many fans, I know I can look forward to Andy’s amusing humor.  This entry in the series may be the funniest yet. It is an intriguing mystery too, complete with murder and those who would kill again to keep their identities hidden.

You have to call both author and characters by first names. That is because they become friends.  It always leaves me wishing I could visit with David himself, along with his 20 some dog entourage. You sense the author would have as delightful a personality as does the reluctant lawyer, Andy Carpenter.

The Story

This time around, in the middle of their son’s softball game–an amusing scene on its own–Andy gets a call. One of the rescue dogs at the Tara Foundation has been stolen.

Thankfully the dog has a chip, so Andy, his partner Willie, and Police Detective Pete Stanton are able to locate it. Unfortunately when they do, the dog is sitting next to a mutilated dead body.

Andy wants to know how the dog came to be at the murder scene. After all, he has the time.  He is also curious to know why the FBIi have become involved this early.

The down side of that curiosity is that once again Andy ends up with the last thing he wants.  A client. Not to mention an investigation that leads to stolen gems, unusual greed, and a deadly plot that could affect many.  Will he be able to get the answers before disaster strikes?

The regulars are all there. Marcus, the strong silent type that always manages to pull Andy out of drastic situations.  Edna, the executive assistant who is usually too busy with crossword puzzles to interrupt her duties to answer the phone.  Laurie is there to balance and protect her husband.  Many more characters with unusual personalities and skills.  And now, their newly adopted son, Ricky, and of course Tara, The World’s Best Dog.

Try the Audio Version

I just can’t say enough about David Rosenfelt’s series.  It is one of the most lovable ones out there.  As always I get the audiobooks.  Grover Gardner, narrator extraordinaire, IS the voice of Andy Carpenter.  It’s hard to imagine not hearing his voice for the part. He has the attitude, the self deprecating humor, and the timing down perfectly.

Humor, mystery, action, and excitement all rolled into one delightful package. Can’t wait for the next one.

You can read more about David Rosenfelt’s series and see a summary of each book here in “The Most Excellent Andy Carpenter Mystery Series”.


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Author: Merry Citarella

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