Why is Everyone Talking about the HuMn Wallet?

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The amazing HuMn wallet.

Humn_walletIsn’t it remarkable that the basic design of wallets has hardly changed over the years? Until now, that is. Today, people are raving about the lightweight, slim and convenient design of the HuMn.

Today, when we can carry around an iPhone that more or less runs our lives, why are we still using old, bulky wallets?  Now that the HuMn is available, there’s no need. This light device will hold your credit cards, money, ID and more in a compact and tidy way.

The company was started by two young men who had just had enough of bulky wallets taking up space in their pockets. This was especially the case when travelling. They noticed too that even costly leather wallets didn’t withstand the test of time. The HuMn though is made from light, airplane-grade aluminium that is very long-lasting.

What this also means is that radio frequency identification scanners can’t be used illegally to pick up your personal information from your credit cards. Driving licences also contain chips these days that contain your personal information and the HuMn ensures that your identity can’t be stolen from them.

HumnMade in the USA

You can check them out on Amazon where you’ll see that they are  available in nine colours and there’s also a mini version. At time of writing they are $59 but don’t be put off by the price – these wallets last. That’s in addition to protecting your identity and your credit card details – and looking delightfully funky.

No doubt other countries will start producing knock-offs soon but the item you see here is the real thing – manufactured from quality materials right here in the States.

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