How I Make Felt Flowers – FREE Pattern and Tutorial

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9739494_f520Here are some cute flowers, ladybugs, bees, and butterflies made from felt. I found some cute pattern shapes online that were made for felt. The bugs were supposed to be painted on wood, but I used the patterns to make them out of felt. For the stems I used bamboo skewers that I painted green with craft paint. They had you use pencils.

It was all very simple and did not take too long to make. Some of the flowers I used embroidery floss and cotton crochet thread to sew up the parts of the felt. Other parts I glued with Aleene’s original tacky glue© for crafts.

I made a basket of felt and sat a 12 oz drinking glass to hold the flowers in the felt basket. They came out so cute!

Start with the patterns


Felt Flowers


I was unable to find the link where I originally got this pattern. I think it was a magazine.

Pattern of the Bee, Butterfly and Ladybug

bee sunflower and ladybug copy

How to make felt flowers and bugs

Cut out your felt:


Print pages

  • I suggest you print two or three copies of each page so you can have several copies to make more than one flower or bug.
  • Carefully cut out each pattern. I use old bill envelopes or junk mail envelopes to put each pattern in and label it.
  • Proceed as directed below for construction on each flower and bug.

Paint the bamboo skewers


Bamboo skewers drying on a piece of styrofoam


I suggest painting the bamboo first so it will be dry by the next day. I used this old piece of foam from a package that came in the mail to poke the sharp bamboo skewers in to paint. If you have some Oasis for real flowers that works just as well. I painted ¾ the way down as I held the skewer. Then I stuck it in the foam.

Then when they were dry enough to handle, I painted the bottom portion. It is not necessary to paint the last inch as that will be stuck in the Oasis for the final arrangement. A q-tip makes a good brush if you do not have paintbrushes! I mixed green and yellow Tulip© paints to get the right shade of green.

When the bamboo is dry you can then glue felt to bamboo.


Spring flowers would not be spring with out my favorite butterflies! I used a quilt pattern from online and shrunk the pattern on my scanner. Printed it out and cut the pattern out 2 times. The first for the background. The second for the body, cut away the outer parts. Using the cut out parts, I cut them smaller for the smaller pieces of felt.


Glue ladybugs and sew roses


The rose centers are a circles you fold in fourths. They say to stuff it, but I decided not to. I sewed the 5 petals on. I decided I liked the flower better with 6 petals, so for the rest of the roses I made I cut out 6 petals and sewed those on. Then I glued the sewed rose onto the skewer that had the small green rectangle piece of felt glued to it.

I held the rose onto the skewer with a large pin until the next day.
The lady bugs had a black back ground that I cut from the body and had the head a “D” shaped piece I inserted under the red wings part. So total there was 2 red wings, one black body in between the red wings and the head.

The next day after the lady bugs were dry I used the black Tulip paint to paint the spots and line.

Cute Bees


The pattern is for wood. I wanted to make it in felt. So I printed two pages and cut the body separate from the wings. Then I cut a head with the body in black. I cut 2 white wings. I see now it would probably be better to cut the wings in one piece.

I overlapped the one wing in the front where they came together a fraction of an inch. Then I cut the yellow out and placed that over the black body for one side only. I glued the skewer in between the yellow and black. When the glue was dry I added the black stripes with the Tulip paint the next day.

Purple Tulip


The tulips have two colored pieces for the flower part, the big leaf and the 2 piece green part below the flower.

The one tulip flower piece is larger than the other one. That means when you sew it you have to ease the 2nd smaller piece onto the first piece. Then you put poly stuffing in the center. You do not sew the top closed.

Then you add the green part on the bottom. I put glue in the center bottom and added the bamboo with glue and held it all together with a big pin to dry. The next day I glued on the small green sections. Lastly I added the leaf and held the glued leaf to the skewer with a big pin to dry.

Big Sunflower


I glued the orange felt piece on to the yellow background. When that was dry I glued that onto the bamboo skewer, held with a pin. The next day I put the black dots on with the black Tulip paint. There is no back for the sunflower. This pattern was adapted from the page by printing two pages. I cut out all the parts with the one page and made extra parts with the second page.

Rose and Daffodil



White and Yellow Daffodils


The daffodil was a little harder to do. You cut out the trumpet first. That is a long yellow rectangle. You fringe the edges with the scissors. Then you put glue along the edge of the trumpet with out the fringe. Roll up the rectangle with the smaller end last. glue that end down. Then I sewed the two piece flower backs together with 6 strand embroidery floss.

I glued the trumpet on the flower. That came off so then I sewed the trumpet on the flower back. Then I glued the small green rectangle onto the skewer. When that was dry the next day I sewed the flower onto the green felt part of the skewer. That held well. So the rest were made with that manner.

As you can see I glued the trumpet of the daffodil on and held it with a pin. It came off so that is why I decided to sew the trumpet part onto the flower and then sew the flower to the skewer.
I made light pink and dark pink roses. Those were for my Mom and my sister in law. I made dark pinks for myself. My daughter wanted the two tone yellow and orange roses, so those are for her. I made purple and dark pink tulips. I made white daffodils with yellow trumpets and all yellow daffodils.

My daughter wanted her butterfly to have the orange hi-lights so that one is hers. I made the dark pink tulips and the purple tulips. Mom likes purple so she got those. Everyone got two roses, two tulips, one daffodil, a sunflower, a ladybug, a butterfly and a bee.

I think they all came out really cute. Since I started these I have found more patterns for other flowers. You can see a lot of the felt crafts I have saved at my Pinterest account.


Sherry Atbutterfly enjoys crafting with Plastic Canvas and yarn to make all kinds of decorations and fun items for the home. Many of her craft articles feature detailed tutorials and lengthy instructions. This is what she loves to do, She is a teacher. She is also involved with Early American History, Family History and genealogy. Sherry is legally blind.

Author: Jackie Jackson

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