Not Your Mother’s 7-Up Strawberry Pie Recipe

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Not your mother’s 7-Up strawberry pie recipe

He started this whole thing. He’d seen something somewhere (I think it was on a menu in a diner) for something called a 7-Up strawberry pie. He was intrigued. I was quite horrified. It sounded like the ultimate in junk food to me although I have to admit that just about anything with strawberries is pretty good.

I looked up the recipe online (there are many) and as I’d suspected, the calorie counts was off the scale. The other half is what I shall politely call ‘cuddly’ and I like to keep my eye on fat content, sugar and soon.(And I know full well – don’t tell him I told you – that he sneaks off to our local bakery from time to time. They love him).

So I’d definitely rejected the idea of this strawberries with 7-Up thing but I thought that maybe this could be a great kitchen challenge. Maybe I could make a healthy (well, healthier) version. Oh, it was terrific.

It was tricky to get a photograph of it before it was all gobbled up but you’ll see a quick iPhone pic below. To make it truly sinful I served it with a floaterĀ made with a drop of low-fat cream cheese with a touch of rum stirred in – wow, just delicious. It certainly wasn’t totally guilt-free but it’s a wonderful recipe for special occasions.

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Strawberry pie recipe


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