Quick and easy pizza recipes

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In our household, pizza is just one of those staples – ¬†something we have for dinner when there’s little in the fridge or when inspiration simply doesn’t strike.

For many years that simply meant picking up the telephone – you ¬†know what it’s like – it’s just so easy, isn’t it? Well yes, but eventually I realised that it’s healthier, much cheaper and much, much quicker to make pizza at home using ready-made dough.

Is that cheating? Yes, but so is calling the pizza takeout place, yes?

We have our favourite three quick and easy pizza recipes which incorporate the foods we love, and are so fast to prepare and cook that we’re sitting down to dinner in less than fifteen minutes.


This is our most basic pizza that takes just ten minutes. It’s quite similar to the sort of dish you’d get at any pizzeria but is much tastier, lower in fat and calories and totally scrumptious.

Get the recipe here




We love cheese and tomato pizza but one of the wonderful things about making your own is that you can use your favourite foods or those that are plentiful and in season.


Mango pizza with almonds and brie



Making your own pizza really lets you explore different food combinations and use your own creativity. Here’s a very special and very tasty pizza that is regularly on our menu using pears and blue cheese.


Here’s the recipe


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Author: Jackie Jackson

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