Recipe: Mushrooms in red wine sauce

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This is a splendid recipe which we often have as the main dinner course. We are a non meat eating household but I’ve served this dish to devoted carnivores who love it. If you wish, it’s excellent to serve as a side dish or even as an appetizer.Because these delicious mushrooms are cooked and served in a red wine sauce, it’s quite a rich dish that is perfect to serve with pasta or rice.

Its very richness also makes it wonderful to serve for special occasions,parties and celebrations too. Because it’s so quick and easy to make, it’s ideal if you’re entertaining a mixture of guests – at a dinner party, for example – that includes those ‘awkward’ non-meat eaters. If you use a red wine that is sold as vegan (with no animal by-products whatsoever) then even strict vegetarians will enjoy this dish.

I also find that it is an excellent meal for what I tend to call ‘beginner vegetarians’  – those who are just embarking on a meat-free diet or for those who simply want to cut down on their meat intake. It’s great for meat-free Monday.


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Mushrooms served in a red wine sauce.





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Author: Jackie Jackson

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