How I Got Sorted to Write

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How I Got Sorted to Write

Putting pen to paper has always been a favorite pastime for me. Even in high school, I participated on the school literary magazine. Over the years, I’ve entered a few minor writing contests. Letter-writing is still something I do in lieu of email and text messaging, mostly to the special people in my life.

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The funny thing is, I never had any direction for writing on a serious level. For some reason, the idea of writing for a profession never seemed an option for me. It was like the proverbial carrot, and an amusing caricature it was. Ha! Me a writer.

Now, don’t get me wrong. My books are not on New York’s best seller list or anyone else’s either. However, it is a foreseeable option. Now, I have the desire to try to get there. I don’t plan to give up.

What could possibly have spurred me on to pursue my dreams? There are two things, actually. One, reconnecting with high school friends. The other is the discovery of Scrivener.

Graduating from high school is when I lost track of my high school friends. For some reason, I went off and left things behind. This culminated in my joining the military. When I returned home to the USA, it was a number of years before I began to reconnect with friends. Facebook made that possible.

In connecting with my old friends, one of them, AP, introduced me to self publishing. That got me started on the road to serious writing. I was always complaining to myself how inadequate MS Word was for my needs when writing. I had to keep multiple files in order to keep things together.

When I stumbled upon Scrivener, I don’t recall where or when, I found I had no more excuses to not write with the goal of making it a career. Everything I need for keeping it together (on the page) when writing is in scrivener.

I share some of the ways I organize my writing in scrivener here on Jaquo, Organizing Scrivener Files I had the privilege to interview Keith Blount, Scrivener’s creator, in my Hubpages article, Scrivener ~ Text Editing Software For Writers


Tanya is a displaced Californian, living in Texas. She has a day job and she dabbles with writing. Not a stranger to getting muddy, Tanya can be found seated while throwing clay onto a spinning disk for lack of anything else to do. Along with other Squids, she migrated to HubPages and continues to post articles there under the pseudonym, Arachnea. Tanya’s virtual life is more exciting than day-to-day-life. There are a few bright spots, however. The local symphony and arts community are two such bright spots and the occasional meet-up with friends makes for a third. Originally from California, she takes life as it comes in her temporary sojourn.

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