It’s Murder, My Son, by Lauren Carr

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It’s Murder, My Son, by Lauren Carr

It’s always a pleasure to find a new author you enjoy, and that is exactly what I have done with Lauren Carr. She has a series, considered by some to be ‘cozy’ mysteries. I think I would agree they are cozies. The word that comes to mind is “gentle.” This book was easy to read, light, with likable characters. Mr. Carr has managed to write an exciting mystery without explicit violence, sex, or bad language. Regardless of what you might call them, the first in the series has left me wanting more.

The first book, It’s Murder, My Son, was a very entertaining read. A homicide detective (always poorly paid) learns he has inherited a fortune on the very day his divorce proceedings have taken most everything from him. Good timing is an understatement! It’s an exciting way to start a book— I bet we all dream of that.

Retiring (after all, would you work with $270 million?), he moves to his mother’s estate on Deep Creek Lake in Maryland, to settle into his new elite, small town life. In little time, his former career becomes his new hobby as he becomes involved in a murder investigation. Wait, make that murder investigations, as in multiple.

Plots within Plots, Murders within Murders…

The story holds plots within plots, bad guys from corrupt officials to the mob to the neighbors. It was a delightfully complicated tale, with a lot of characters to either love or hate. The number of murders kept growing, from both the past and the present. You’ll have to read the book to find out if it’s the work of one person, and to see who will be next to die.

I’m so looking forward to book two. I love a good book series. It’s a treat to come back to characters you know, that often get to feel like friends. You get to see them grow. You get to know the area, the residents, the history of the town where they take place. No matter what the genre, you feel at home.

You can read my complete review here.

So far Ms. Carr has nine in the Mac Faraday series. I’ll keep you posted as I read each of them.












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