DIY Nail Polish Organizer For Small Spaces

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DIY Nail Polish Organizer For Small Spaces

Are bottles of nail polish taking over your vanity or dresser? Are you looking for a space saving storage idea for your nail polish collection? Living in a small space and having a teenage daughter who loves to paint her nails, I was driven to find a solution for storing her growing collection of nail polish. Here is an idea for a simple DIY Nail Polish Organizer that can be hung on the wall to make the most of your space.

I was getting really annoyed that the bottles of nail polish were always getting knocked off her dresser or pushed aside into a messy pile, so I finally put them in a basket to keep them contained. Not a great idea! Tossing them in a bin, you run the risk of the bottles breaking or leaking. So, back to the drawing board I went and came up with this nail polish organizer that can be hung on the wall, leaving more room on your dresser for important things like make-up and books.

Check out how I turned this old, unused spice rack that was on its way to the thrift store…

… into a fab, new nail polish organizer perfect for hanging on the wall in our tiny studio space!

I sanded and painted the spice rack and added strips of patterned duct tape to make it cool, hip and teen-approved. My daughter’s nail polish collection is now neatly stored out of the way on the wall and it looks stylish too. No more cluttered messes or using up valuable space.

By re-purposing a spice rack I already had, this project cost me very little to make. I suggest looking in second hand stores and at yard sales for a used spice rack.

Visit my DIY Nail Polish Organizer tutorial to get the full instructions and list of materials I used for this home organizing project.




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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. is this ever a good idea! It’s so hard to keep all the little bottles together without their falling and rolling all over. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Awesome project – that looks really cool! I love really practical up-cycling projects like this one. Great job!

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