The Avignon Legacy: By Daniel C. Lorti

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A fascinating tale – from the 14th century to present day.

If you enjoy books that capture your attention from page one and keep you reading until well after your bedtime – and who doesn’t – then The Avignon Legacy will be right up your street. It combines history, suspense, modern day crime, mystery and more as the author takes us from fourteenth century France to present day America and Europe.

This is a beautifully researched book and the characters are created in rich detail. We meet our first character, Mathieu, in 1340 in rural France. Mathieu was one of the local peasant farming families and in the first few pages of the book we find that all is not well in his life.

We learn how he is a resourceful young man who has strong values regarding the people he cares about, namely his wife and his infant children. Because of his actions, honorable though they were, Mathieu and his family have to flee their home at a dangerous time – the area was a war zone and there were constant battles between the occupying English army and the French knights.

Jean Termonde

Because of Mathieu’s honourable actions and his quick-thinking, the young family become established in their new home, on the property of a nobleman. Over the years Jean, Mathieu’s youngest son, is taken under the wing of their benefactor and becomes a knight himself.

And it’s when Jean is an adult that the true intrigues begin. The exploits and deeds undertaken by Jean and his colleague Maurice Chatillon are enthralling and full of adventure.  As the book progresses they are involved in a highly secret mission —–

James Pierce

Halfway through the book, the author whisks us to present day America where we have the pleasure of being introduced to Jim Pierce. Jim is a dealer in antique books and documents but there’s a little more to him than meets the eye.

Just like Jean in the fourteenth century, Jim has a colleague, Maurice Germain, and in many ways they are the modern equivalent of our friends from the first half of the book. Together, they too become embroiled in an intrigue and it won’t surprise you to know that their own adventures involve the mysterious tasks that were assigned to their fourteen century counterparts.

A twist in the tale

Is what they are doing legal? Well, let’s say that they attract the attention of Scotland Yard, The FBI and, as their activities take them to Europe, the equivalent authorities there. Plus, there is the involvement of a rich collector whose activities are strictly not within the letter of the law.

James Bond meets the Knights of the Round Table meets The Italian Job

I know, that’s not strictly true. 🙂 But this fabulous book has the elements of all these characters. Whether we are reading about the fourteenth century or present day, the protagonists are incredibly resourceful, brave and —- chivalrous. I highly recommend this novel.

Do I have any criticism of this book?

Only one – I grew to ‘know’ the people in the book and would love to know more about their exploits. And my sincere wish is that Mr Lorti will write many more books and develop the characters that he has created in The Avignon Legacy. I want to know more about John St. Rouffignac, Dena Clark, Brigette Tremonde, Lady Juliette, Ronald Caspar, Judith Lansdowne and all the fabulous characters that were so meticulously created by the author.

There are many stories here yet to be told. More please!

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Author: Jackie Jackson

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  1. I thought so, too, when I took on the manuscript. Lorti is extremely talented and his research impeccable. Just wait until the next one comes out!

    • I’m so looking forward to that!

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