10 Hot Frozen Gift Ideas

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Girls are GaGa Over Frozen.

As soon as I watched Frozen in the theaters, I knew little girls everywhere were going to be gaga over Frozen and the stars of the Disney hit – Elsa, Anna, Olaf, and Kristoff. While my daughter, who is 10, isn’t involved in the Frozen frenzy, every little girl I know ages 3 to 8 is. In fact, the most popular age group for Frozen fans is girls ages 3 to 8. While babies and young toddlers aren’t included in this list, I’m sure those little ones will grow to be Frozen fans as well.1

With the overwhelming popularity of this Disney classic, there is an abundance of Frozen items on the market right now. To make shopping for Frozen fans quick and easy, I have compiled this list of the top 10 Hot Frozen Gift Ideas.

Frozen Snow Glow Elsa

The top Frozen gift for girls ages 3 to 8 is Frozen Snow Glow Elsa. Every year there is a must have doll, and the 2014 must have doll is this 13-inch, talking doll. The Snow Glow Elsa doll is whimsical and operates on AAA batteries. Elsa’s blue and white dress lights up and so does the snowflake necklace too. Snow Glow Elsa is capable of saying 15 different phrases, from the movie, and when you lift her arms, she sings “Let It Go” while her snowflake necklace lights up.

Included with a Snow Glow Elsa purchase is the doll itself, an adorable 5 1/2″ Olaf, Elsa’s tiara, and matching shoes too. Early in the holiday shopping season, Snow Glow Elsa is already selling out, so if this adorable Frozen doll is on the wish list of your princess, you need to act fast. Depending on where you buy Snow Glow Elsa, you should expect to pay about $50.

My Size Elsa is Perfect for Pretend Play

What little girl wouldn’t love having a life-size Elsa to play with? Whether they want to build a snowman or have a tea party, little princesses will enjoy every minute they spend with their My Size Elsa. This doll is about 3 1/2 feet tall, which makes it about the size of an average 3 or 4-year-old girl, and comes dressed in Elsa’s gown and matching shoes. The My Size Elsa doll is sure to win the hearts of the princesses in your life but comes with a hefty price tag of about $150.

My Size Elsa is the ultimate Frozen gift for girls. This 3 1/2 foot doll will encourage pretend play for hours. While many little princesses will opt for Elsa, you can also purchase this awesome Frozen doll as Anna too.

Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa Doll

Moms, grandmas, and aunts can all attest to the attraction of dolls. The Disney Frozen Sparkle Princess Elsa doll is a must have for little girls everywhere. This Barbie-like doll has captured the true essence of Elsa and features everyone’s favorite princess is her snowy blue dress. The doll stands about 12 inches tall and was TimetoPlayMag’s 2014 Most Wanted Toy winner. Order yours today and it will quickly become someone’s most beloved toy.

This Princess Elsa doll has amazing details that will impress even the most devout Frozen fans. Order this Barbie-like doll soon because it will likely me hard to find the closer the holidays come.

Disney Frozen’s Medium Castle and Ice Palace Play Set

This is the medium version of Disney Frozen’s Castle and Ice Palace Play Set. This playset is perfect for use with 12-inch dolls and incorporates the most important parts of each location.

In the movie Frozen, there are two main sets, the castle in Arendelle and the ice palace that Elsa creates to escape the scrutiny of her special powers. With the Disney Frozen Castle & Ice Palace play set, little girls can use their imagination and visit both whimsical locations. This playset is available in many different sizes, small, medium, and the large limited edition playset. The small playset runs about $35 and comes with an Elsa and Olaf figurine. I suggest the medium playset, which is perfect for use with 12-inch dolls and costs about $90. The larger, limited edition castle an ice palace play set is amazing and comes with everything you need for hours of pretend play, but also has a high price tag at about $200. Check out the medium castle and ice palace playset below, but remember you can downgrade or upgrade based on your budget as well.

Give the Gift of Warm Hugs with the Olaf Cuddling Pillow

Move over Frosty, there is a new favorite snowman in town and his name is Olaf. Olaf is famous for many reasons, but none is as important as the fact that this Disney character loves warm hugs. With the Olaf cuddling pillow, you will be gifting the Frozen fan in your life with the gift of warm hugs all year long. This Olaf pillow measures 22-inches long and captures the adorableness of Olaf in every way.

Little girls and boys will enjoy cuddling with this Olaf pillow. The pillow measures about 22-inches long and is definitely big enough for cuddling.

Create Your Own Olaf Plush Toy

Help Create Magic with the Frozen Elsa Musical Snow Wand

In the movie, Elsa has the magical ability to create snow and ice. As the movie progresses, with the help of her amazing sister, Princess Anna, Elsa learns to fell instead of conceal and just let it go. When you gift a little girl with the Frozen Elsa Musical Snow Wand, she will be able to let it go whenever she wants, even if she doesn’t have the ability to turn anything to snow.

This wand is incredibly durable and features its own snow globe. Little girls can let it snow or let it go when they play with this wand at home.

Frozen Floor Puzzles are Perfect for Snowy Afternoons

During the winter, kids are often cooped up in the house. Instead of watching movies or playing on their electronics, you can get kids putting together puzzles when you gift them with Frozen puzzles. This Frozen floor puzzle measures 3 feet and features all the favorite characters from the movie. With 46 pieces, this puzzle is easy for little kids and interesting enough for bigger kids too.

This 3-foot puzzle is perfect for groups, but easy enough to tackle on your own too. When fully put together, the puzzle features, Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, Sven, and Hans.

Frozen Sparkle Elsa Doll Dress

This winter doll dress is inspired by Frozen’s Elsa and is made specifically for 18-inch dolls. If you rather shop for Anna’s doll dress, or you want both Anna and Elsa’s dress, you can find those here as well.


Turn a Girl’s Bedroom into a Winter Wonderland with a Frozen Comforter

For generations, children everywhere have wanted to cozy up at night with their favorite characters. When you purchase a Frozen comforter, you aren’t just gifting a little girl with her favorite licensed bedspread. Instead, you are helping turn a little girls’ room into a winter wonderland. In addition to this brightly colored Frozen ensemble, you can also order room decals, curtains, and other bedroom accessories too.
This brightly colored Frozen bedspread features Anna and Elsa in a sisterly embrace. Don’t forget to order the Frozen-inspired wall decals, sheets, and curtains to create the perfect winter wonderland.

Frozen Elsa’s Tiara

Rounding out my list of the top 10 hot Frozen gifts is the Elsa tiara. If you have never had a little girl in your life, you may not know this but little girls love tiaras. Whether it is covered in faux rhinestones, or is made of plastic, little girls will love wearing this headpiece, especially one that features the Ice Queen herself.

This Frozen Elsa tiara is more durable than other tiaras on the market. With this tiara, little girls everywhere can play for hours and hours day after day.

Tawnya Housel is a thirty-something mom of a tiny, tween gymnast! She loves to write, share ideas with others, and looks forward to creating great content that everyone wants to read. HerĀ article collection includes movie reviews, especially Disney movies, gymnastics-related content, and lots of gift ideas for tween girls.

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